Thursday, March 31, 2011

All That Bull$*it's For the Birds....


-Rude people. Especially rude people that you have to work with everyday. I feel like it's common courtesy for a person to acknowledge you when they see you-particularly if they're staring you slam in the face! Shheeeeiiittt....not these rude hags that I work with. I say good morning, they in turn maliciously stare a hole through my existence and continue meandering around the building as if I just spoke a foreign language to them. WTF ladies!?

-A horrible meal at Applebee's with the BF last night. I wanted to finally use the gift card that I received for Christmas so we decided last night would be perfect since I didn't feel like cooking. He ordered Cajun Chicken Shrimp Pasta and I ordered the Dynamite Shrimp. His noodles were hard, stiff, and obviously undercooked while my shrimp floated in a sea of grease. Not wanting to complain (because he has this huge fear of people doing strange things to his food) we sucked it up. Trust I will be sending a nasty gram to them this morning. Because that is unacceptable!

-There must be something in the water because everyone that I work with is pregnant!!! This one lady in particular just had a 13 pounder. Talk about a massive load. So not only did she work up until the day before she was due, but the day after she had the baby she was back at work, visiting, chatting, and walking through the building as if everything were fine. Go sit your a$$ down somewhere lady!!


-My obsessive coupon habit. It saves me soooo much money and my stockpile is growing by the day. I can't wait to share my super frugalicious find with you next week. Come back and visit me for
Savin' Maven Monday. View my previous hauls here and here.

-It's payday!! That means I get to find some great deals today! I can't wait to clock out!

What are your Awkward and Awesome moments of the week? You can link up with Syd at The Daybook to share them!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some Call it Arrogant...I Call it Confidence...'s time for 'Word on the Street' Wednesday...


I want this....

No Sew T-Shirt Necklace
As I was cleaning out my closet and dressers, I stumbled across a shit ton of T-shirts that I don't plan on wearing anymore. At first I was planning to donate them to thrift but I figure if I didn't want them who else would-honestly speaking  the Tshirt aisle is definitely not one of my 'go to' sections when I go thrifting. So instead of getting rid of those poor babies, I decided to refashion them and try my hand at one of those gorgeous necklace thingies!

Here's mine
DIY Necklace

DIY Necklace

As you can see, mine looks nothing like Kiera's! Gosh, her's looks sooo much better but hell it was worth a try and that's what makes it unique. Maybe next time it will look a lot better!
Go visit Kiera Lennox at A Pretty Penny to get instructions on how to make one of your very own.

How do you refashion your old garments? Leave me a link back to your post so I can check out your flair!

In other news, this week (just last night actually) I got to check out a free sneak preview of the new movie 'Insidious' that's scheduled to premiere in theaters on April 1. And I don't know....I'm kinda on the fence about it. It's centered around a family who looks to prevent evil spirits from trapping their comatose child in a realm called The Further. It was made by the creators of Saw and Paranormal Activity so I was expecting this huge spectacle of a movie and it was only so so...borderline corny even.


Lemme know what you think when you see it!!

Moving right along to....

Book #6 in my '52 Books in 52 Weeks' challenge.  This week I'm reading
Black Notice by Patricia Cornwell.  She's one of my all time favorite authors. All of her books are based on a forensic pathologist from Richmond, Virginia by the name of Kay Scarpetta. Her books were the CSI before the CSI. Loves her. She has at least 26 books in her series and I am about 4 short of having a complete set. I think I've purchased most of the collection from the thrift store.

Click here to look inside Black Notice
 "Chief medical examiner Kay Scarpetta tries to solve the mysterious murder of an unknown victim found in a shipping container. The case is linked to several grisly murders that begin occurring in the Richmond ,Virginia area, and the clues lead her on an international search to Interpol's headquarters in France. Her investigations are hampered by a power-hungry chief of police and internal office sabotage."

That's all my good friends. Have a great 'Hump Day'.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lobster and Shrimp...and a glass of Moscato!!

When I originally began my blog, my goal was to highlight fashion with specific regard to being thrifty while remaining fashionable stylish.

Within my 3 months of blogging, I have realized that being thrifty does not only pertain to fashion-it entails everyday items as beauty products, grocery, as well as dinner dates!!!

With the economy being at an all time low, I have amended my goal a little, tweeny bit just so I could share with you not only my fashion 'cents' but also how I manage to live frugally in all other aspects of life.

....because everyone wants to save a 'lil bit more money these days!

I know I haven't done this in a while, but here's my super frugal outfit of the day.  This ensemble is also doubling as my Color Brigade fit of the week. You can break out your colors too and join Kileen at Cute and Little to participate in the 'color festival'!

Purse-Vintage Christian Dior/Argyle-Target Clearance/Skirt-Miley to the Maxx/Button Up-NY & Co
Oh, how I wish you could see my whole outfit! The lighting is horrible. I was actually in the club. I'm using these horribly lit pics because I'm patiently awaiting the arrival of my new camera.

Soooo...whatcha see is whatcha get... purse is vintage Christian Dior that I found at the thrift store for around $5. It was marked down....wayyyy down obviously but yes it is authentic! The argyle is from the Target clearance rack for a whopping $3.98! I loves me some Tar-jae (in my sexy London accent)! The skirt (you can't see it but yes I'm wearing a skin tight mini skirt) is from a $1 Walmart clearance. And the yellow button up was the most expensive coming in at $7.99 from NY & Co.  The sexy black stilettos (which are unseen as well) were another $5 thrifty find. That brings my outfit total to $21.97-the price of 2 glasses of Moscato plus a tip!

What kind of thrifty items have you found that when put together made a cute club 'fit?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Make Me Wanna Say....Oh My Gosh!!!

Happy Monday ya'll.
I hope everyone's weekend was better than great!
Mine was super frugalicious!
To start things off...I visited my mailbox. You may ask what's the big deal. Well I only check my mail once a week-usually on Thursday's-and it looked like this this week

...a hot a$$ mess!!!

But it was filled with all sorts of goodies

like these:
Mailbox Monday #2
-2 samples of Miracle Whip
-2 Breathe Right samples
-1 sample of Maggi Chicken Flavored Pasta Soup Mix (yum-can't wait to try it)
-1 John Frieda Haircare sample
-1 box of Kleenex
-1 sample of Maybelinne 'Fit Me' Foundation
-1 sample of Nexxus Pro Mend Haircare Product
-1 Declaration of Independence/Constitution (pocket version)
-Jet Magazine (March 21/28 2011 issue)
-Family Circle Magazine (April 2011 issue)
-1 paper sample
-1 Valspar paint kit sample (get yours here)

I'm gonna link up with Debra over here to share my Mailbox Monday goodies.

Did you get any free stuff in your mailbox today?

Before I deuce out for the day, I have to share my Savin' Maven Monday goods with you. I shopped at Target and Rite Aide this week using Target web coupons and coupons from newspaper inserts. Here's what my first trip looked like:

Savin' Maven Monday #3
-2 Lysol Disinfecting Wipes
-1 Glade Carpet Freshener (even though I don't have a bit of carpet)
-5 panty liners (Stayfree and Carefree-both on clearance at Target)
-2 boxes of Renu contact solution
-1 Airwick I-motion air freshener
-1 pack of Summer's Eve Cleansing wipes
-3 boxes of Nature Valley Granola Bars
-1 bag of Halls cough drops
-2 Kit Kat bars
-4 Nutrinail polishes
-1 pack of Welch's fruit snacks
-1 pack of Orbit gum
-3 tubes of Wet n Wild lip balm

all for a grand total of  $73.06
my total out of pocket expenses were $11.76
for a grand total savings of $61.84

Oh yes, I added a new location onto my shopper's list....

Wait for it....

Harris Teeter

yep, senora thriftarita went there!! (you know there has to be a catch, because y'all know damn well Harris Teeter's prices are through the roof) I believe that I have shopped there once before about 6 years ago and vowed to never go back because of their outrageous prices. Come to find out they were having a mega double saving event where they were doubling coupons up to $1.98 in value so if I had a coupon that took $1.50 off of a single item it would double up to $3.00.  I figured that this would be one heck of a deal so I gathered all of my 'pons and went HAM in there. I had to take 2 seperate pics but here's my stuff:

Savin' Maven Monday #3

Savin' Maven Monday #3

-2 boxes of Ritz Munchies
-2 boxes of Yakisoba Noodles
-3 bags of Steamfresh Veggies
-1 bottle of Kikoman Soy Sauce
-2 cans of Pillsbury Cresent rolls
-2 boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats cereal
-3 boxes of Totinos pizza
-1 box of Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage dogs
-1 4pack of Danimals yougurt
-1 Dawn dish detergent
-2 Glade oil air freshener plug ins
-6 Renuzit air fresheners
-2 boxes of Puffs tissue
-2 cans of Lysol Neutra air
-2 Lysol toilet bowl cleaners
-1 Renuzit odor air freshener

for a grand total of $106.58
my total out of pocket expenses were $31.11
for a grand total savings of $75.47

Whew...I tell ya if you don't have a butt load of patience, you will never succeed at couponing because I spent alot of time in these stores. I also forgot to mention that I got $85 worth of restaurant gift certificates for 7 DOLLARS through a deal that was offering (sorry, the deal ended on Sunday before I posted this). I also scored 5 Blockbuster Express movie rentals for $2 through You can go here to and enter your city to see if they are still offering this deal. 

So all in all this week, I spent a total of $51.87 for $269.64 worth of merchandise. I'm fancy, huh!?

What do y'all think?
I loves feedback.
Feel free to leave any questions, comments, or concerns for me.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

He Gave Me Poetry...He Was My First


-I like salad. I have at least 3 per week. I take them for lunch. I hate the nosey ladies that come into the lounge, see my lunch and go, "Oh, you're on a diet, huh?"  Excuse me fatso, just because I like to eat healthy does not mean that I'm on a diet. I happen to like the taste, thank you very much.

-People who abuse the word 'best friend'. People don't just become your best friend overnight ya know.

-I sometimes do blog posts at work....instead of working!!! LOL! But I hate when people try to talk to me about work related things when I'm trying to blog. Leave me alone, would you!

-Rude sales associates who get snappy with me because I give them a handful of coupons. Do your job, while I do mine, okay!

-The obnoxious man who works at Goodwill. He's there everytime I go-the lonely 'ole fart! I mean has he really taken the time to realize the name of the store he works for. I cringe everytime I walk in and see him!


-Poetry that's def...Def Poetry...Sarah Kay...Point B...that is all.

You can make your own awkward and awesome list as well. Don't forget to link your post to Syd over at the Daybook.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Now She Look at Me Like Inspiration...She Wanna Be Complimenting My Swag!

I want this...

 I have a fatal attraction to all things ecclectic. And this here, is a tee!! I like the fact that it gives me so much inspiration. So I think I'm gonna try my hand at making my own instead of paying $50 for it at Urban Outfitters!

Yeah right!!

I don't do full price. I'm the 'cheapskate', remember!! (nope, just frugally thrifterrific)


I have this wonderful green sweatshirt that I purchased from the Dollar Tree a couple of months ago, right!


I've been dying to make something cool out of it!


I have found my idea.

Look out UI, there's a new designer on the block!!!
I will update you once the product is finished!

DIY Cutout Detail Sweatshirt
What's your 'Word on the Street'? Give me a link back to some things you have created for less...

This week the BF and I wanted to watch something we used one of our Redbox codes to get the movie Cyrus. 

(BTW-if you're into renting movies, is offering 5 Blockbuster Express rentals for $2). 

While it wasn't as hilarious as I was hoping, it was good enough for me to watch it in it's entirety. The plot is centered around the characters John and Molly. With John’s social life at a standstill and his ex—wife about to get remarried, a down on his luck divorcee finally meets the woman of his dreams, only to discover she has another man in her life — her son.

Moving right along...

I am currently on book #5 of my '52 Books in 52 Weeks Series'. This week I'm reading
B-More Careful by Shannon Holmes.

BMore Careful

B-More Careful, the story of Netta, the leader of an all girl clique called the "Pussy Pound", and her friend Mimi, take you on a journey throughout the streets of Baltimore untold, like never before.  Netta Jackson is an African American young woman growing up in the rough projects of Baltimore, Maryland. Having been abandoned by her father Dollar, and raised by her drug-addicted mother, Renee, Netta hasn't had much to believe in during her lifetime. Renee is abusive towards Netta and is resentful of her daughter's youth and good looks.

Very good read. This was one of those books that was suggested by quite a few people and I was definitely not dissapointed.

Hey listen, I know that not all of my readers are into urban fiction (maybe you should give it a try, it's very interesting) and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. These are just my opinions on things that I like to partake in because after all....

It's my blog and I do what I want to.

I do encourage you, however, to share with me your favorite movies, books, or even events that you've experienced recently!

Hope ya have a great Wednesday!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

And She Got the Goods....

Happy Monday to all and I hope you had a great weekend!!

My first matter of business is giving a couple of shoutouts.....

to my followers, of course!!!

I just want to say
to those of you who have dropped by, left nice comments, and found my blog interesting enough to follow thus far. I appreciate 'cha!!


on to the good stuff!!

 I love shopping. I love the thrill that comes along with entering my favorite store and mindlessly stumbling upon a great deal. No matter the day, no matter the product! I particularly love discounted and sale merchandise, coupons, promotions, and all of the above! It's my ultimate obsession, my weakness, my number one

'innocent' pleasure.(I say innocent because I hardly ever feel guilty after finding a good deal) 

And to top it off
I found some great things to share with you for the second installment of

Savin' Maven Monday

My besty (love you Vernae) suggested that I list where I found my coupons and what stores I found my goodies at so I will try my hand at it. I visited Target and Walgreens this week and found these goods:


Savin' Maven Monday #2
  -1 9 double roll package of Walgreens brand toilet tissue
-4 boxes of Fruit Roll Ups
-4 packages of panty liners (Carefree-on clearance for $.78 @ Target & Walgreens brand)
-1 bottle of Dial Nutriskin lotion
-2 3-packs of Irish Spring soap
-5 Spring Sensations Glade candles
-1 can of Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner
-1 package of Scrubbing Bubbles Wipes
-1 bottle of Purex Washing Detergent
-1 bottle of Purex Crystals Fabric Softener
-1 bottle of Tilex cleaner
-2 packages of Renuzit Crystal Elements air freshening crystals
-1 2L bottle of Diet Pepsi
-1 bottle of NYC 'Fushia Shock' nail polish
-1 tube of Jemma Kidd 'A-List' lipstick

for a grand total of $92.85
my total out of pocket expenses were $31.79
for a total savings of $61.06

Even with all my coupons, I still feel as though I spent alot but then after I looked at exactly what I purchased (which was mostly cleaning products) I think I did pretty swell.

What do y'all think? 

 Most of the coupons that I used this week were gathered from the Sunday paper inserts along with the random inserts that come in the mail on Wednesday's (yes, the ones that most of you throw away because you think it's junk mail).  Also Target was offering a free $5 gift card (with the purchase of 5 Glade items) and I received $5 in Register Rewards from Walgreens by purchasing some of their featured weekly items. As I stated before, this coupon clipping thing takes patience, both when planning out your shopping list and also when preparing how you are going to ring up your transactions so as to save yourself the most money.

This week, I also used my $25 off $50 'text' coupon at the GAP which was perfect because they were already running a 30% off sale. Lastly, I used a spring promotion code at Snapfish to get some of my digital pictures printed. I ended up getting 130 prints for $6.36 including shipping. All new members receive 30 free prints upon signing up so don't waste time. GO THERE NOW!!!

That about sums it up ladies (and gents, maybe).

Feel free to leave me any comments, questions, or concerns.

Have a great Monday!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh...You FANCY, huh?

This has not been the best week for me in terms of getting out of the house.


-I was late again today.

-This daylight savings time is really f-in with me...i just can't seem to pull myself from underneath the covers!!

-Me and camera's don't get along-hence the lack of outfits posts (and other pics). I have literally gone through not one but TWO cameras in the matter of 2 months. For some reason, each time I try to set up my automatic timer so that I can place it on a stable mantle, counter, or shelf, the camera purposefully jumps out of my hand and onto the concrete floor. So yeah, I'm pretty pissed about that!!!
-The awkward silence that persists when you pass someone (that you've previously spoken to) in an empty hallway. Do you smile, say hello again, look in the other direction, or bow your head and pretend that you're picking lint off of your shirt? I'm just saying...won't one greeting suffice for the remainder of the day!?

-Hailey Reinhart on American Idol last night!!! Please tell me you all saw her and all of her lipstick madness. It was all over her face after the performance! I mean literally! It was all on her teeth, all over her cheeks and chin, and probably in her hair too. She's such a cutie but so clueless!!

Hailey Reinhart's Lipstick Massacre


-It's St. Patty's Day. And I have on green! (does it still count if it's only a lil bit?) 

Plaid Tunic-NY & Co/Black Leggings-Miley to the MAXX/BCBG boots-c/o my auntie

-My totally inexpensive outfit: The TUNIC is from a $5.99 NY & Co. clearance sale. BLACK LEGGINGS are definitely from Walmart and cost maybe $3.00-I love when the Miley Cyrus brand goes on clearance. And the BCBG's-ohhhhh how I love my BCBG's-they were a gift from my auntie! Isn't she nice!? The ACCESSORIES were gathered from random places-the earrings were on a 5 for $10 clearance and the headband was $2.99 from NY & Co. Frugalosity at it's best!

-Hailey Reinhart! I love her voice, it's so soulful. She has absolutely NO rhythm but the girl shol can sing a tune!!

-Excited to see what kind of savings my coupon clipping will merit me this week!

-Warm Honey Buns (and iced cold milk)

I can't wait to see how awesome and awkward everyone else's week has been. You can link up to the fun as well by visiting Syd over at the Daybook!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm a Movement by Myself...But I'm a Force When We're Together

OMG it's been such a rough morning!!
damn 'daylight savings time'

Happy Wednesday anyway

Guess what?
I want this....
Accessory Trays
Those accessory trays are just so chic and mod and ecclectic. Like me!
I actually found some trays similar to these at....wait for it....

Old Navy


My version-Accessory Trays

And they were a steal
only .97 cents
I would've purchased more than two but I figured that they wouldn't be used so I left them...right where they were!

What's your 'Word on the Street'?
How do you store your accessories?

This week the BF and I watched Twelve. I'm not sure that it recieved much press because there aren't many big named actors (50 Cent and Emma Roberson) featured in the film. As a matter of fact when we passed on it several times before actually deciding WTH...
Twelve is about the vices that are associated with the use of drug that lead to physical and psychological destruction. This is also about an individuals self discovering journey that has bitter landmarks in it.  Very stimulating movie.  Who'd have ever thought. Check the trailer:

My Rating-8.75/10

Moving on to Book #4 in my '52 Books in 52 Weeks' series...

I'm reading Lil Mama's Rules by Shaneesa Jackson.  In light of National HIV/AIDS Awareness day last week (where I rocked my red pumps), I thought this would be the perfect selection to highlight.

Madison lives by a set of rules, which she sometimes breaks. Messing around with unsafe sex is against her rules, but she does it anyway. At 30, she discovers that she is HIV-positive, and things fall apart. Then Chris Anzel, her first love, helps her to accept her fate. Madison leaves her teaching job with one rule: "stroke the mind." Set in Los Angeles in the world of education, this gripping story highlights the problems single women face in the 1990s.
Read more here
I would love to hear from you friends...

What are some of your favorite accessory tips, movies, or books?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Let's Go On a Living Spree...They Say the Best Things in Life Are Free

As you know....

I like free.

True indeed that most things in life aren't free but great savings are! They come in the form of coupons, promotions, codes, and maybe even being subscribed to some type of rewards programs at your favorite stores. This requires a somewhat tedious amount of time but hey if it saves me a few bucks I'm all for it. My BF used to look at me like I was crazy when we went out for dinner and with bill in hand I said, "Oh wait babe, use this coupon".

I bet he thought I was cheap!
Nope, just super frugally thrifty!!

Needless to say, once he found out how much money I saved us, he no longer gives me those 'looks'.

In an effort to save more money this year, I have taken on a hobby that I thought was only reserved for the elderly-clipping coupons. It's not an easy task by far-there is a certain amount of patience and skill you have to possess to be successful with this. In other words, it's an art. But it amazing how much you can save! Manufacturers practically give their products away because they are constantly trying to get rid of old stuff to make room for new products that need to be tested.

When I initially began my blog, I was only going to highlight my thrifty fashions, however, as I thought about it I figured that there was soooo much more to talk about. The whole theme of my blog title is 'being thrifty and frugal' and that entails much more than fashion. So, since I have yet to come up with a theme for Mondays, I'm gonna embark on this:

Savin' Maven Monday

where I will share with you my purchases over the week and let you know how much I have saved.  This is going to be combined with Mailbox Monday where I share all of the cool things that came in my mailbox over the week-most of which were free.

Savin' Maven Monday #1
This week I got:
-2 Dove Men's Deoderants
-2 Degree Women's Deoderants
-1 pair of tights
-1 pair of argyle knee high trouser socks
-4 pair of knee highs
-4 boxes of Fruit Roll Ups
-2 boxes of granola bars
-1 tube of Colgate Total toothpaste
-2 tubes of Aveeno lotion
-1 bar of Aveeno soap
-2 pair of gloves
-1 pack of Shout wipes
-1 pack of dental floss
-1 pack of Orbit gum
-2 eyeshadows (Covergirl/Rimmel)
-1 box of Thermacare
-2 pairs of Mossimo jeans
-1 Merona dress shirt

for a grand total of  $51.44
my out of pocket costs were $12.94
for a total savings of $38.50

If that ain't frugal, I don't know what is!!!
I want to hear from you...
Feel free to share your thoughts, comments, questions, and even your savings!!

Stay tuned for the first installment of the Color Rotation Challenge.

It's a challenge created by Colleen over at Scrap and Run to get us out of the habit of wearing the same colors all the time. The colors pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and any pattern will be rotated 1-3 times. You may read more about it and sign up here.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm Trying To Do it All Tonight....I Got Plans

With so many other things going on in life it's often easy to become overwhelmed.




kids (if you have them)....

where does 'me' time fit into the equation?

Add keeping up with a blog onto your already long list of priorities and you're on the borderline of going crazy.

So this week, with the help of Katy from Modly Chic, she's enlisted the memebers of the FBFF group to share how they manage to keep balance in their lives while mastering the art of maintaining superb blog content. Join in on the fun by visiting Katy's blog hop.

1. When it comes to prioritizing your life, in what place does bloggin fall? Blogging coincides with everything I do-every outfit I wear, every place I visit, every speckle of food that I eat-I'm always trying to figure out how I can incorporate my daily activities into a blog post. With the exception of sharing my most intimate thought and details, it's sort of like a public journal for me.

2. We all wish we had more free time to dedicate to blogging and all it entails. What are your tricks for taking advantage of the time you do have to be as productive as possible? When I have new thoughts, I write them down on my 'To Do' list and as soon as a free moment is avaliable, I log in and create a draft so that I can come back and edit at a later date. This way I don't have to take a huge chunk of time out of my schedule to write meaningful posts. It's been working for me thus far.

3. Have you discovered any short-cuts that make blogging easier or more time efficient? See question # 2. Also I find that scheduling posts works wonders because I could sit down and create a whole week's worth and spread them out over a period of time.

4. Do you have an editorial calendar or something similar that helps you plan ahead? Nope, I refuse to pay money for a planner when I can just use an ever handy, yellow legal pad and a pen. I'm frugal with my greenbacks!!

5. If time wasn't an issue what would you be doing on your blog/for your blog that you aren't doing now? Okay, so I have a shit ton of people that I'm following. Like, the number is up there... and each day I find new cuties to visit. So my main thing would be having time to keep up with my own posts, while sending comments and building relationships with my fellow blogistas! That's all.

Apparently I need to work on some better time management skills. Maybe I should even set a block of time aside so that I can visit and comment on the 1000's of blogs that I follow.
What are some of your suggestions for creating balance while maintaining a good blog?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

This Goes Out to Girls All Around the World...

Today is:
HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

The Red Pump Project raises awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls.  Red Pump uses the red shoe as a symbol of empowerment to represent women affected with HIV/AIDS.
Every year, the United States recognizes March 10th as National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NWGHAAD). It’s a nationwide initiative to raise awareness about the increasing impact of HIV/AIDS on women & girls and encourages ladies to take action. While progress has definitely been made in the areas of AIDS prevention and treatment, women still represent 27% of all new AIDS diagnoses, with African-American women accounting for 66% of that group. This year focuses on this statistic, “Every 35 minutes, a woman tests positive for HIV in the United States.
 To learn more information about getting involved visit The Red Pump Project. 



Pumps-XXI/Everything else-NY & Co.

I hope you ladies are rocking your red as well! I think this cause is pretty much AWESOME and well it's AWKWARD if you're not participating!

About my 'fit...

well the leopard 'thingy' was a $7.99 steal from NY & Co's intimate apparel line. It's definitely supposed to be a nightgown but I broke the rules here. Accessories were a bargain also. The pumps are a XXI 'yellow tag' purchase. I believe I got them during their Christmas sale in '09. I regret now that I didn't get them in black too.  Red is my absolute favorite color so today's post make so ecstatic-in a sentimental sort of way.
What's your favorite color and how do you like 'rocking it'?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Turn Up the Lights in Here...I Want Ya'll to see THIS...

I want this...

Daisy by Marc Jacobs
and this...

Chanel Mademoiselle by Chanel
 I love the fresh and floral smells of DAISY and the oriental undertones of COCO!

Did you know that a scent can be modified up to 500 times before it's finally approved! - February 2011 Essence Magazine, pg 42
I loves fragrances.

And I often compliment people about how wonderful they smell. But I always wondered why the same scent never smelt quite as great on me.

Here's why:

The density of your skin and the ingredients of your diet play a major role in how a fragrance smells on you. So if there's a particular scent that you're looking for, get a sample first. It can take up to eight hours to get the full depth of a perfume. (ya learn something new everyday, huh?)
This week, my Redbox pick is 'The Town'.

I never knew that Ben Affleck was such a great director and I'm almost ashamed to say that he was incredibly sexy in this flick-with his scruffy 'bad boy' appearance and Boston accent. The movie is centered around a string of bank robberies that ends up going sour when one of the 'crooks' falls in love with a bank manager that was held hostage.  All in all it was a really intriguing flick...surprisingly so!

My Rating-8/10

Okay, I promise...this is

42 weeks left in my '52 Book in 52 weeks' challenge. This week I'm reading 'Impulse' by Ellen Hopkins. Yes, it's a teen novel but who cares!?

A good book is a good book!

Ellen writes all of her books in prose form so when I first picked it up I thought ohhhh yes...a book of poetry. However, once I began reading I figured out that all the 'poems' coincided and had a storyline.

Impulse is the story of three young  people whose lives intersect in a psych hospital, after separate attempted suicides. It is about the things that brought them there, but more about the bond that forms between them. Can they help each other move beyond their personal demons?

My Rating-8.5/10

This too is a must read.

I would love to hear from y'all. What are some of your favorite things?

PS: Tomorrow is

Rock the Red Pump

are you gonna be 'rocking your red pumps'? I will be!



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