Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm a Movement by Myself...But I'm a Force When We're Together

OMG it's been such a rough morning!!
damn 'daylight savings time'

Happy Wednesday anyway

Guess what?
I want this....
Accessory Trays
Those accessory trays are just so chic and mod and ecclectic. Like me!
I actually found some trays similar to these at....wait for it....

Old Navy


My version-Accessory Trays

And they were a steal
only .97 cents
I would've purchased more than two but I figured that they wouldn't be used so I left them...right where they were!

What's your 'Word on the Street'?
How do you store your accessories?

This week the BF and I watched Twelve. I'm not sure that it recieved much press because there aren't many big named actors (50 Cent and Emma Roberson) featured in the film. As a matter of fact when we passed on it several times before actually deciding WTH...
Twelve is about the vices that are associated with the use of drug that lead to physical and psychological destruction. This is also about an individuals self discovering journey that has bitter landmarks in it.  Very stimulating movie.  Who'd have ever thought. Check the trailer:

My Rating-8.75/10

Moving on to Book #4 in my '52 Books in 52 Weeks' series...

I'm reading Lil Mama's Rules by Shaneesa Jackson.  In light of National HIV/AIDS Awareness day last week (where I rocked my red pumps), I thought this would be the perfect selection to highlight.

Madison lives by a set of rules, which she sometimes breaks. Messing around with unsafe sex is against her rules, but she does it anyway. At 30, she discovers that she is HIV-positive, and things fall apart. Then Chris Anzel, her first love, helps her to accept her fate. Madison leaves her teaching job with one rule: "stroke the mind." Set in Los Angeles in the world of education, this gripping story highlights the problems single women face in the 1990s.
Read more here
I would love to hear from you friends...

What are some of your favorite accessory tips, movies, or books?


  1. TheCheapGirlHayleyJanuary 9, 2012 at 12:56 PM

    First off, your blog title is awesome. and I store my jewelry on a drawer of a vintage jewelry box. The whole thing was too big for me, but the drawer is adorable and works perfectly. Love your idea too!

  2. Wow - you stay super busy - that's so cool! I've been using wooden tie racks (the kind that mount to the wall) to store all my necklaces so I can see them all at once as well as being super accessible.

  3. i use this supercool three tiered metal/chrome bowl thingie from ikiea for some of my earrings and all my rings. for my dangly earrings i took a thrifted unfinished frame, glued lace fabric to it, and hung it up on my wall. i put the earrings through the lace! easy peasy! for necklaces i hang then on this paper towel holder that extends out from the wall! :)

  4. Ohhhh, I especially love the thrifted frame idea for your dangly earrings. As a matter if fact I have an old frame in the trunk of my car and I was needing some inspiration as to how I could put it to good use! That idea is PERFECTION!!


  5. That's a neat idea! For now I'm just using regular old nails on the inside of my closet to hang my necklaces. It's super thrifty and it's all I had at the time. Maybe I'll upgrade sometime soon!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by! The drawer idea is awesome. I may have to snag that from you, I'll make sure to give you full credit though!!


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