Friday, August 26, 2011

Here Comes The Story Of The Hurricane...

Dear Irene,

With recent natural disasters going on all over the world-hurricanes, tropical storms, earthquakes-I'm kind of unsure of what to expect from you. I'm actually a bit afraid. There's been around the clock news coverage in anticipation of your arrival. The traffic is backed up for miles and there's a minimum 10 minute wait just to get to a gas pump (okay, so maybe I exaggerated a little but seriously there's an overflow of drivers at the gas station)!  You've convinced people that they need to dip into their already low stash of emergency funds so that they can clear the shelves of Dasani water and Nature's Own bread at all of the local grocery stores.  Really, Irene!? You've terrified our city officials so bad that they've already called for mandatory evacuations in the area.  Let's get this clear, my area never issues mandatory evacuations! Majority of the schools in the area have opened as emergency shelters and the city garages are free for the weekend so as to avoid any one's ride getting totaled by flood damage. My insurance company has already called with an automated message about how they are here for me throughout this whole 'hurricane' ordeal-giving me detailed instructions of how I can go about filing a claim-yada, yada, yada. Mind you.....this is all before I've even seen the first speckle of rain.  You've made some people rich today 'Reeny. I bet the local grocers have exceeded their yearly numbers; they don't need to sell another loaf of bread for the rest of the year-all because of you. So tell me Irene, what exactly is your plan?

And for those of you who live in the eye of the storm,
are you prepared?

Courtesy of the Dollar Market, here's my 'Thrifty and Shameless' Hurricane Irene Survival kit:

1. Bottled Water-lots of it! For drinking and/or bathing-maybe even flushing the toilet if need be.
2. Salty/Spicy Snacks-Salt & Vinegar Chips and...Hot Fire Pork Skins<---that's the fat country girl talking!
3. Sweet Snacks-Fiddle can you have salty without the sweet? I can eat a whole box of these things in one sitting. And that's exactly what I plan to do if I'm stuck in the house all weekend!
4. Canned Goods-especially Chicken Noodle Soup...doesn't matter if this stuff is hot or cold-it's a MISSILE!!
5. Sanitizer-for clean hands just in case there's not hot water.
6. Styrofoam stuff-to eat cold soup in!
7. CARBS-bread and make PB&J sandwiches orrrr PB crackers are always YUM!!
8. Lighting/Communication Devices-what else would I use these for?

What's in your survival kit?

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Awkward and Awesome: If There Was An Earthquake...


-Earthquakes...on the East Coast!? Totally unheard of! I was in a meeting when it happened and the guest speaker was all like, "Oh, it's just the HVAC system"! Ummm, definitely not! Whose HVAC system have you been around? Obviously not a proper functioning one because nooooo one's HVAC system should make a whole building shake like that. Crazy lady!

-My undying love for JayZ. The fact that his tour with Kanye West is coming as close to me as DC and I won't be able to attend is blowing my lifetime high right now. Thank goodness for a new job but to hell with the fact it's gonna look irresponsible for me to take days off within the first few months of me being there. This is some bull-ish!!

-I'm on a manic hunt for Cowboys tickets. Anyone know where I can find a super good deal on them?

-Some random female named 'Tamika' who left her number on my man's ride. How dare you, you lame excuse of a woman? You have no class or respect for yourself!! Please hide under a rock somewhere...HE IS MINE!!! Bitch!!


-Started my new job on Monday. And the heaping amount of information that they've given me over the past couple of days have been totally overwhelming. But I'm not complaining. I'm ecstatic!! Woot Woot!!!

-Rising of the Planet of the Apes. MY RATING-10,000. Seriously. THEE. BEST. MOVIE. OF. THE. YEAR. Maybe even the best of the decade. So Oscar worthy. Go see the movie. Enough said.

-My strong urge to see 'The Help' movie. Has anyone seen it? Thoughts? Comments?

-Making homemade Rice Krispie Treats. They're soooo much better than the one's that you find in the store. Add extra butter for even more deliciousness!!

What was Awkward and/or Awesome for you this week?

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WOTS: I Like Those Stylish Clothes You Wear (feature)...

-John Fairchild

When I think of style, I think of someone who's obviously fashionable. One who isn't afraid to take risks, experiment with color, and ultimately one who can put one helluva spin on the latest (or maybe even the 'not so latest') trends in order to make them their own. I think of one who does the unexpected yet remains classic and timeless in their effort to do so. I think of someone who's FLY. Someone who always owns the room, no matter what they wear.

Today, I'm thinking of KayCee.

Everyone say hello to her.

Tell us a little more about yourself and your mission as a blogger?
Hello I am Kaycee of TwoStylishKays. My career is corporate training, but my passion is fashion.  So when I take off my trainer hat, I delve into the world of fashion as a personal stylist. I love helping women feel confident about their image and personal style. My personal style blog celebrates my love of fashion, thrift shopping and inspiring women to look stylish all the time. I believe that personal style is a look that is all your own. It’s not about how much money you spend, but how you wear your clothes.

What inspired you to begin thrifting?
It was my mother who nurtured my "thrifty shopping habit". Being a single parent, she worked two jobs just to make ends meet and thrifting was one way she could stretch a dollar. So she introduced me to secondhand stores at an early age. Since there was a social stigma attached to thrifting, I would only run in to buy black pants to wear to my job as a cashier at Popeye's.  But those quick trips turned in weekly visits as I realized the joy of thrifting and learned how to create fashionable wardrobes on a modest budget. Today, thrift shopping has a new meaning in my life:  It’s therapeutic! It’s the thrill of the hunt! It’s doing a good deed!! Oh and I save a lot of money too!!

How often do you thrift and do you set a budget for yourself?
I go thrifting at least once a week. My budget is not the driving force behind my purchases. I go shopping with a list, so I only but things that I truly want. When I make a purchase it’s an item that I need, can wear immediately and will love for years to come.

Your style is very classic and clean. Do you shop for particular labels/brands when thrifting? 
I heart brands like Michael Kors, Zara, Club Monaco, Banana Republic because of their quality and timeless styles. I avoid fast label brands like H&M, F21, Old Navy and any Target brands because the quality usually isn't worth the thrift store price tag.  Plus, I can pay the same price for the item at an end of year or clearance sale. If I don’t recognize a label/brand, I look at the quality based on the material, how the item is sewn and of course the fit. The best racks to shop first are the dress, skirt, blazer and blouse sections.

What are a few of your favorite and most valuable thrifted items?
I have too many to name. But one of my favorite thrifted pieces is a Bill Blass navy silk chiffon dress. I found at Goodwill. There was little hanger appeal, but I loved the color and fabric. So I tried it on and fell in love. When I began inspecting the dress, looking for flaws and such, I noticed the Bill Blass label!  

What are some good pointers that you've learned while thrifting?
These are tips to follow to have a great thrifting experience:  
1. Shop alone or with someone who enjoys thrifting. Thrifting is not for the faint of heart and requires a great deal of patience. 
2. Know that a thrift store is not the mall.  Go in without expectations and don't give up if you do not find specifically what you are looking for.
3. Many stores do not have dressing rooms; therefore, wear leggings and a fitted top to try on clothes in the aisle.
4. Become a frequent shopper.  Associates may become familiar with your style and point you in the direction of great finds. 
5. Remember the accessories.  Thrift stores are a great place to find silk scarves, vintage jewelry, and belts.

Who are some other 'thrifty' bloggers that you enjoy visiting?  

Shana of ColorBlind
Stacey Kay of GoodWill Huntingg 
Inez of Style Chic 360

How do you define style?

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Little Miss Weird...

I love doing weird things with my clothes...

Like taking things that don't fit and turning them into something highly doable.

These pants, for instance...

Were found in my sisters 'my trash is your treasure' bag. She was throwing these babies away. I loved the light denim wash and the soft texture of them so I fetched them out and decided that I would keep them. Then, I looked at the size....10. Nevermind that I'm easily a size 4, I figured I would take them anyway. So I cuffed them at the bottom....And in an instant, they became:

Tank-Target/Oversized Jeans-Gifted/Belt&Pumps-Thrifted

My favorite pair of boyfriend jeans.
What I love most about them is that the bagginess makes them appear really hippie-esque.


 Just the look I was going for. Now all I need is a turban. Ohhhh....and these lovely thrifted brown pumps

They make me die!

 What types of 'weird' things do you do
 to your clothes to make them fit?

Post Title From: Girls Do Weird Things by Even Stevens

Monday, August 22, 2011

Savin' Maven Monday: How Sweet Does It Get?

Hello my lovelies and Happy Monday to you all. I hope that your weekend was fabulous.  Mine was spent hanging out with family and friends and preparing myself to go back to work after an all too short summer break.   You may notice that my posts may be few and far between over these next couple of months only because I'm starting a completely new position and I don't want to overwhelm myself. I want to make totally certain that I'm focusing all of my thoughts on putting my best foot forward on the job.

I had some rather great shopping trips this past week.  Really good deals at Walgreens. Surprisingly, they had all of their advertised items in stock this week so I was super excited about that.  I also purchased a couple of items from Rite Aid and Farm Fresh but I combined all of the items so that I would only have to take one pic.

Here's my haul:

Savin' Maven

Two separate trips to Walgreens and 6 separate transactions later, I ended up spending $10.79 there. The Revlon polishes were on an even better special this week. They were priced at $3.99 and get this...with the purchase of any Revlon polish they were giving you $3 back to use on a future purchase. I had store coupons for $2 off and combined with the $1 off manufacturer's coupons, I ended up paying $.99 for the polishes plus getting $3 back. How sweet is that!? The Stayfree pads were B1G1 FREE and combined with my B1G1 FREE coupon I spent $2.00 for both packages. The Cottonelle tissues were $3.25 each after store specials and coupons. The deodorants were 2 for $5 with a $3 instant register reward. The Skittles and eyeliner pencils were all 'filler' items. The Gain, which was purchased at Farm Fresh, was $.05 after coupons and the polish removers, purchased from Rite Aid, were B1G1 50% off with a $2 instant register reward.

Before coupons and specials, my total was $67.68
My total out of pocket was $12.39
For a total savings of $55.29 (82% savings)

What do you all think?
Did you find any great deals this past week?

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Awkward and Awesome: I Guess That's Awesome...


-The fact that I rarely ever enter blogger giveaways. I'm never lucky enough to win anything. And plus, its just a lot of red tape. Am I the only one who feels this way?

-Chicken Gizzards. Gizzards is such a funny word. Has anyone ever seen gizzards? They look hella awkward but they are good as ever!


-House hunting. Hoping to find something by the start of the new year.

-Midday quickies. I was very naughty today! LOL

-Watching the movie Arthur (while simultaneously writing this post) and laughing out loud by myself because the boo is working.

-Finding new cuties to stalk and follow. This weeks obsessions are these babes:

Jentine from MyEdit, Van C from TheClothesWeWear, Jennifer from BelleDeCouture, Mara from EccentricOwl

-Making homemade candy apples with my gorgeous niece!
I thought it was funny that the directions said 'cook syrup to the hard crack stage'...Ummm...WHAT!?
We ending up putting the apples in the fridge so that the candy could harden and a day later I peeked in the fridge to find all of the candy had slid off of the apples onto the pan that they were sitting on. Apparently, we failed to let the syrup cook to the 'hard crack stage'.  Have you tried making these and how did they turn out?

-Harris Teeter's mega double coupon events. I got all this swag for $11.05. I saved 76% ($35.53) here.

Savin' Maven

Ask me about Harris Teeter's 'mega double coupon events'!!

-The turnout for my DIY Manicure Party was so great that I've decided to do it all over again next month. Seeing as how there are various memes going on each day of the week, I don't want to compete or take participants away from any one blogger so I need your help picking a date. Would it be better to do it during the week or would you girls still participate if it were on a Saturday or Sunday? Gimme feedback dolls! Oh, and you can view the first Manicure Party here.

Did you experience anything Awkward and Awesome this week?
Please share.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WOTS: It's NOT A Fashion Statement...

I want these...


 I am soooo in love with these statement rings right now. Especially the 2-3-4 finger ones. The only downfall is that your fingers WILL NOT budge when you put those bad boys on. I think it's funny because I put mine on the other day and went to wave at my friend and instead of waving, it ended up looking like I was telling her to 'talk to the hand' (do people still say that) or motioning for her to stop or something. It was stupid! But I didn't care.

How far are you willing to go to make a fashion statement?

Those shoes that LadyGaga has been seen sporting lately...yeah, the ones with no heels.  Seriously, if I ever see a chick other than GaGa wearing them I would personally go to her and tell her what a freaking idiot she looked like.

What about the whole facial tattoo craze!? What in THEE world? Why would anyone do that? More importantly, where are you working with a tattoo on your face? The day that face tattoos became popular was the day that I said goodbye to all fashion rules because obviously fashion, just like beauty, is only in the eye of the beholder.

How about the 'Barbie' trend thing that Nicki Minaj has gotten these young (and a lot of older girls) hooked on? WHAT is this about? Why would anyone ever want to be a Barbie? Sure she has all the pretty clothes, the perfect hair, and a gorgeous man. But she's FAKE. F-A-K-E. She can't even have kinky sex because her legs won't spread open wide enough.

 So for now, I will just stick to my statement rings,

girly dresses,

buy one get one for a penny rope wedges,

and vintage Dooney and Bourke

What's your favorite statement piece?

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rainbow Colors All Mixed In A Cup...

Colors make me happy. They make me smile. If I could wear every color in the rainbow on any given day....I would. Instead, I always find myself picking out the same color. Does anyone else do that? I mean, seriously, my freaking closet is color coded and all I can come up with is green.

Green vest,
green tanks,
green shorts. 

Last week it was red.
The week before that, orange.

What the hell is going on? Why can't I seem to get out of this color rut?

Evidently, certain shades exhibit different therapeutic sensors and ultimately have the ability to influence not only how we feel but also how others perceive us when wearing specific colors.

According to , green is considered to be the most healing among all the colors. It is a wonderful color choice to wear anytime you are wanting to feel more in-tune with nature and should be worn anytime you are trying to 'turn a new leaf'. Wear green when you want to see things from a different perspective.


Wearing blue helps create a place of calm and serenity. Wear blue when you want to exude an air of authority.

While wearing gray and black can be depressive, wearing orange is a fairly high energy color. It emits sexual energy and has the tendency to make you feel quite playful. It is a highly intense color that not many can get away with rocking successfully.

Pink is very feminine and passionate and whether worn by male or female it can signal that you're not only approachable but also fun loving. Wear pink when you want others to instantly become attracted to you.

The color purple is said to be a 'statement color'.  It states that you are unique, special, and not afraid to stand out.

Red, my favorite, is fierce, powerful, and confident. Wearing too much, however, will tend to intimidate people. Wear red when you want your sexuality to exude from your being.

Yellow is warm and light. It's an affirmative color and gives off a feeling of perkiness. Wear yellow when you want to infuse some joy into your life.

Orange is associated with vibrant health. Wear orange when you want to have fun and be creative.

The color white represents cleansing, new beginnings, and purity.

DooneyandBourke-Vintage thrifted/Belt-thrifted/Bermudas-NY&Co

What is your favorite color to wear? 

On a lighter note, today is Day 2 of the 21 Day Challenge hosted by Kayla over at FrecklesInApril.  She's asking us to 'Tuck it' however we want. It can be a shirt tucked into pants, pants tucked into boots, or even a scarf tucked under a belt. I went with the simple yet obvious shirt tuck. Find out more about the challenge here.

21 Day Challenge-Day 2

Sometimes I like to tuck my shirt into my pants...

What's your favorite way to 'tuck it'?

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Friday, August 12, 2011

FBFF: If You're A Fly Gal, Then Get Your Nails Done...

Hello ladies....I'm soooo excited to be the host of today's FBFF Manicure Party.  This weekly forum, initiated by Katy from ModlyChic, brings hundreds of bloggers together via a link system in order to share ideas and opinions about all things Fashion and Beauty (and sometimes blog) related.  If you would like to join or learn more about the group, click here.

Lately, I've noticed that I've become increasingly obsessed with all things 'nail related'. I've always felt as if biweekly manicures and pedicures were an added expense so about a year ago, I began to purchase things that I could use at home to do my own manis. My polish collection is growing larger and larger by the day but by no means does it compare to this collection, which has well over 300 shades of pretty.

Keep in mind that I hadn't toyed with the idea of creating my own nail designs until about two weeks ago when I came up with the idea to host this party. They are in nooooo way picture perfect but it saved me $20 and a 2 hour trip to the nail shop.

Here are the colors that I used:
Revlon 800-PowderPuff/Yellow/IntensePink/BabyPink/BrightOrange
The Revlon was purchased on clearance from Farm Fresh (I got this on 'Double Coupon Wednesday' so it ended up being FREE after the coupon) and the Nail Art colors were purchased from the Dollar Tree.

1. Begin by painting your nails with 2 coats of a white base.

Base Coat-Revlon 800-Powder Puff
 2. Paint each nail with one strip of your choice of Nail Art Laquer-you may use as many color choices as you like (these were purchased from the Dollar Store and they have tons of colors).

Clockwise from Top Left-Bright Orange/Intense Pink/Yellow/Baby Pink
3. Finish your nails off with a top coat and viola!

Finished Nails
 If you could create a name for this mani, what would you call it?

Now it's your turn.

Would you all participate if this were a monthly event?

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Awesome and Awkward: All I Wanna Do Is Get My Nails Done...


If you don't link up to my DIY Manicure Party tomorrow.
It's gonna be a shit ton of fun!!

-Being featured on NoGuiltFashion for Danie's "What they Wore Wednesday" Crisp Khaki edition. Thanks love!


-Pretty Nails...






****Don't forget to get your pretty manicures ready! I'm hosting a DIY Manicure Party TOMORROW for FBFF. I would love to see you link up!*****

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