Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Favorites...Vol #10


Let me say it again because I'm not sure you all understand what a week it's been for me. Between term papers and exams, I'm about ready to pull all of my hair out!!


Between school and work I feel like there's not much time left for me to do simple things around my house-like laundry and dishes. Not to mention catching up on my ever growing collection of magazines or finishing the library book that I have now renewed a total of 4 times because I have yet to finish it.

Anyhow, here's my week in review...




1. My clearance doormat from Target-I love that it's so different. 2. My finished DIY wine rack-view the before picture on Friday Favorites...Vol #9. 3. Rebate for 2 FREE Redbox rentals-I love FREE! 4. My name in a 2nd grade Math workbook-my name is far from typical so I don't see it often. 5. My makeshift to-do list-there are way too many items to check off! 6. Term paper #1-a 1500 word book review was definitely not as easy as I thought it would be. 7. Homemade Bacon, Egg, and Cheese-YUM! 8. Saturday's threads-neutral-esque!!

What were some of your favorite things this week?

Do share...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Perfect Weather...


Is it time to put away the sweaters yet?

Our weather has been so up and down that I'm afraid to officially transition my wardrobe. On Saturday it was in the 60's and yesterday is was in the 50's. Today it's gonna be 75 degrees. What the...


I purchased this Old Navy sweater back when they had their huge 75% off sales for Black Friday. It's sad that I'm just now getting around to wearing it. Because of the quarter-length bell sleeve it was way too cold to wear it back in December...well for me it was anyway. I'm extremely cold natured so I would have died without the extra layers on. But 60 degree weather was perfect! The sweater is thick enough to where I didn't have to wear a jacket over it. That made me happy because I love the colors in it-the unexpected pop of color along the shoulder makes me swoon so I didn't want it to be hidden with an overgarment <<<<although I'm not really certain that 'overgarment' a searchable term.


Belts are my weakness. I love small ones, big ones, medium sized one, but especially printed ones. What would you call the above print because I have yet to figure out!?


These 'Paisleys' from Target were a great addition to my wardrobe-especially since they can be worn year-round. And they're super comfy!

How do you transition your wardrobe from fall/winter to spring/summer?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Is It Just Me?...

Happy Tuesday loves...

I feel like it's been a while since I've posted. Each time I try to get into a normal routine of publishing posts, it seems like something comes along to knock me off of my rocker. Does anyone else have the same issue?

Ok...well maybe it's just me!

And is it just me, or is it that as soon as you find a great, secluded location to take shots...

Denim Jacket-NY&Co.

here comes a nosey passerby-all up in the mix!!!


About 3 pictures into my shoot, I noticed a truck pulling up into the parking lot. They sat for a while, then drove and peeked. They sat some more and then drove and peeked....again! I don't know about you gals (or guys) but it's pretty irritating when someone blatantly interrupts your photo shoot-for no other reason than to stare and wonder why you're taking random photos of yourself.

I mean, sheesh...all I wanted was just ONE moment to myself sans interruptions. But the reality is...people are rude and highly unable to mind their own business.

 I tried not to let it give me too much of an attitude because I had just received an awesome message at church but I'm sorry-they kinda ruffled my feathers a bit.

I don't know, it's creepy and it makes me feel kinda weird.  Then again, maybe it's just me.

Pumps-Thrifted (Nine West)

I read lots of different blogs and so many of you ladies have some really great location shots. Shana from ColorBlind is my favorite. She always finds the most amazing locations to shoot in. And she's one helluva thrifter too!! 

Slacks-Thrifted (H&M)

So to those of you ladies who prefer to do location shots, whether at home or otherwise, do you have issues with 'peeping passerby's' and 'nosey neighbors'?

If so, how does it make you feel and what do you do about 'em?

Sidenote: I was reading Prissy's blog just the other day and she mentioned that she tries to incorporate at least one thrifted item into each one of her outfits. It's funny that she said that because I like to do the same thing. Here I'm rocking thrifted Nine West pumps ($2.98) and H&M slacks ($1.99).

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Details, Please...

Hello my loves.

I hope everyone is having a very happy Thursday. I'm ecstatic that tomorrow is Friday and I will getting a 2-day break away from this weekly madness.

As I was going through my outfit pics, I decided that I wanted to do something a bit different.

Even though my girlfriends wouldn't say so, I like to consider myself a somewhat simplistic fashionista. When shopping I like to look for 'classic' pieces that can be easily remixed and transitioned. With that being said I like to choose accessories that are bold, colorful, and sometimes gaudy. I have an eye for details so even the slightest coloring in a button gets me excited.

Details can make or break any outfit. Everyone probably has a classic pair of red pumps in their closet, right? Add some clip-on studded bows and they take an average outfit over the top! 

Patterns tights and or stockings add spice to an otherwise normal ensemble.

Elbow patches make me feel like I'm in charge. I have a crazy fetish for menswear!

And statement necklaces...well they speak for themselves!

Add a pattern to classic items like Vans and Blazers-and I die!!

Unexpected zippers also make me swoon.

What kind of details do you like to add to your 'fits to give them that extra umph?

Do share...

Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Headlights Blaring...

Good Monday loves...

I hope all of you had a great weekend.

I spent some time catching up with a few of my girlfriends...and lemme tell was very much needed.

Often we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget the little things-like spending time with your closest friends.

Since it was St. Patrick's Day and really gorgeous outside, I tried to find something fitting for the occasion.

I rocked this sheer bow-tie blouse without a camisole because I figured the weather was nice enough! I was wrong...I was fighting off chills left and right, hoping that no one could see that my 'headlights' were blaring!!


 By now I'm sure that you have realized that I hate matchy, matchy outfits! So I coupled this 'fit with a red clutch and bronze-esque Jessica Simpson pumps.


Pumps-Thrifted (Jessica Simpson)
Do you like to incorporate different colors into your outfits or are you pretty much 'by the books' when it comes to matching?

Thanks so much for reading...



Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Favorites...Vol #9

Hello loves...

Man, I am SOOOO GLAD that it's Friday. All week I've been daydreaming about being able to sleep in. I need to take a vacation-ASAP-because my nerves are wearing thin. Have you ever had those weeks where you just couldn't seem to catch up? Yeah, that's what kind of week I've had. And I'm sick of it already.

Nevertheless, there were some things that made me smile....

1. $10 Dinner Box from Pizza Hut-this is the absolute BEST idea they could have ever created. 2. Moscato and Kevin Hart-what can top that! 3. My thrifted wine rack-purchased it for $1.48 and I plan to paint it with... 4. Spray paint and primer- purchased from Taylor's Do It Yourself (or whatever it's called) for $1.86 (after $10 off coupon). 5. I'm a total magazine junkie-I'm gonna try and catch up on reading them this weekend. 6. Ready-made Frappacino-um YES!! 7. More pizza-I purchased 10 of these pizzas from Farm Fresh for $6.25-I received 25 Box Tops to donate to my school and all 10 of the boxes contained codes for FREE Redbox rentals-WINNING!!! 8. The green outfit that didn't make it-I actually hated it (I guess that wouldn't be considered a favorite then, huh) and I will be donating this Ellen Tracy cardigan to a good home sooner than later.

What were some of your favorite things this week?

Do share...


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