Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Now She Look at Me Like Inspiration...She Wanna Be Complimenting My Swag!

I want this...

 I have a fatal attraction to all things ecclectic. And this here, is a tee!! I like the fact that it gives me so much inspiration. So I think I'm gonna try my hand at making my own instead of paying $50 for it at Urban Outfitters!

Yeah right!!

I don't do full price. I'm the 'cheapskate', remember!! (nope, just frugally thrifterrific)


I have this wonderful green sweatshirt that I purchased from the Dollar Tree a couple of months ago, right!


I've been dying to make something cool out of it!


I have found my idea.

Look out UI, there's a new designer on the block!!!
I will update you once the product is finished!

DIY Cutout Detail Sweatshirt
What's your 'Word on the Street'? Give me a link back to some things you have created for less...

This week the BF and I wanted to watch something we used one of our Redbox codes to get the movie Cyrus. 

(BTW-if you're into renting movies, is offering 5 Blockbuster Express rentals for $2). 

While it wasn't as hilarious as I was hoping, it was good enough for me to watch it in it's entirety. The plot is centered around the characters John and Molly. With John’s social life at a standstill and his ex—wife about to get remarried, a down on his luck divorcee finally meets the woman of his dreams, only to discover she has another man in her life — her son.

Moving right along...

I am currently on book #5 of my '52 Books in 52 Weeks Series'. This week I'm reading
B-More Careful by Shannon Holmes.

BMore Careful

B-More Careful, the story of Netta, the leader of an all girl clique called the "Pussy Pound", and her friend Mimi, take you on a journey throughout the streets of Baltimore untold, like never before.  Netta Jackson is an African American young woman growing up in the rough projects of Baltimore, Maryland. Having been abandoned by her father Dollar, and raised by her drug-addicted mother, Renee, Netta hasn't had much to believe in during her lifetime. Renee is abusive towards Netta and is resentful of her daughter's youth and good looks.

Very good read. This was one of those books that was suggested by quite a few people and I was definitely not dissapointed.

Hey listen, I know that not all of my readers are into urban fiction (maybe you should give it a try, it's very interesting) and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. These are just my opinions on things that I like to partake in because after all....

It's my blog and I do what I want to.

I do encourage you, however, to share with me your favorite movies, books, or even events that you've experienced recently!

Hope ya have a great Wednesday!!


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