Thursday, March 31, 2011

All That Bull$*it's For the Birds....


-Rude people. Especially rude people that you have to work with everyday. I feel like it's common courtesy for a person to acknowledge you when they see you-particularly if they're staring you slam in the face! Shheeeeiiittt....not these rude hags that I work with. I say good morning, they in turn maliciously stare a hole through my existence and continue meandering around the building as if I just spoke a foreign language to them. WTF ladies!?

-A horrible meal at Applebee's with the BF last night. I wanted to finally use the gift card that I received for Christmas so we decided last night would be perfect since I didn't feel like cooking. He ordered Cajun Chicken Shrimp Pasta and I ordered the Dynamite Shrimp. His noodles were hard, stiff, and obviously undercooked while my shrimp floated in a sea of grease. Not wanting to complain (because he has this huge fear of people doing strange things to his food) we sucked it up. Trust I will be sending a nasty gram to them this morning. Because that is unacceptable!

-There must be something in the water because everyone that I work with is pregnant!!! This one lady in particular just had a 13 pounder. Talk about a massive load. So not only did she work up until the day before she was due, but the day after she had the baby she was back at work, visiting, chatting, and walking through the building as if everything were fine. Go sit your a$$ down somewhere lady!!


-My obsessive coupon habit. It saves me soooo much money and my stockpile is growing by the day. I can't wait to share my super frugalicious find with you next week. Come back and visit me for
Savin' Maven Monday. View my previous hauls here and here.

-It's payday!! That means I get to find some great deals today! I can't wait to clock out!

What are your Awkward and Awesome moments of the week? You can link up with Syd at The Daybook to share them!

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