Thursday, March 24, 2011

He Gave Me Poetry...He Was My First


-I like salad. I have at least 3 per week. I take them for lunch. I hate the nosey ladies that come into the lounge, see my lunch and go, "Oh, you're on a diet, huh?"  Excuse me fatso, just because I like to eat healthy does not mean that I'm on a diet. I happen to like the taste, thank you very much.

-People who abuse the word 'best friend'. People don't just become your best friend overnight ya know.

-I sometimes do blog posts at work....instead of working!!! LOL! But I hate when people try to talk to me about work related things when I'm trying to blog. Leave me alone, would you!

-Rude sales associates who get snappy with me because I give them a handful of coupons. Do your job, while I do mine, okay!

-The obnoxious man who works at Goodwill. He's there everytime I go-the lonely 'ole fart! I mean has he really taken the time to realize the name of the store he works for. I cringe everytime I walk in and see him!


-Poetry that's def...Def Poetry...Sarah Kay...Point B...that is all.

You can make your own awkward and awesome list as well. Don't forget to link your post to Syd over at the Daybook.

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