Monday, March 21, 2011

And She Got the Goods....

Happy Monday to all and I hope you had a great weekend!!

My first matter of business is giving a couple of shoutouts.....

to my followers, of course!!!

I just want to say
to those of you who have dropped by, left nice comments, and found my blog interesting enough to follow thus far. I appreciate 'cha!!


on to the good stuff!!

 I love shopping. I love the thrill that comes along with entering my favorite store and mindlessly stumbling upon a great deal. No matter the day, no matter the product! I particularly love discounted and sale merchandise, coupons, promotions, and all of the above! It's my ultimate obsession, my weakness, my number one

'innocent' pleasure.(I say innocent because I hardly ever feel guilty after finding a good deal) 

And to top it off
I found some great things to share with you for the second installment of

Savin' Maven Monday

My besty (love you Vernae) suggested that I list where I found my coupons and what stores I found my goodies at so I will try my hand at it. I visited Target and Walgreens this week and found these goods:


Savin' Maven Monday #2
  -1 9 double roll package of Walgreens brand toilet tissue
-4 boxes of Fruit Roll Ups
-4 packages of panty liners (Carefree-on clearance for $.78 @ Target & Walgreens brand)
-1 bottle of Dial Nutriskin lotion
-2 3-packs of Irish Spring soap
-5 Spring Sensations Glade candles
-1 can of Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner
-1 package of Scrubbing Bubbles Wipes
-1 bottle of Purex Washing Detergent
-1 bottle of Purex Crystals Fabric Softener
-1 bottle of Tilex cleaner
-2 packages of Renuzit Crystal Elements air freshening crystals
-1 2L bottle of Diet Pepsi
-1 bottle of NYC 'Fushia Shock' nail polish
-1 tube of Jemma Kidd 'A-List' lipstick

for a grand total of $92.85
my total out of pocket expenses were $31.79
for a total savings of $61.06

Even with all my coupons, I still feel as though I spent alot but then after I looked at exactly what I purchased (which was mostly cleaning products) I think I did pretty swell.

What do y'all think? 

 Most of the coupons that I used this week were gathered from the Sunday paper inserts along with the random inserts that come in the mail on Wednesday's (yes, the ones that most of you throw away because you think it's junk mail).  Also Target was offering a free $5 gift card (with the purchase of 5 Glade items) and I received $5 in Register Rewards from Walgreens by purchasing some of their featured weekly items. As I stated before, this coupon clipping thing takes patience, both when planning out your shopping list and also when preparing how you are going to ring up your transactions so as to save yourself the most money.

This week, I also used my $25 off $50 'text' coupon at the GAP which was perfect because they were already running a 30% off sale. Lastly, I used a spring promotion code at Snapfish to get some of my digital pictures printed. I ended up getting 130 prints for $6.36 including shipping. All new members receive 30 free prints upon signing up so don't waste time. GO THERE NOW!!!

That about sums it up ladies (and gents, maybe).

Feel free to leave me any comments, questions, or concerns.

Have a great Monday!!


  1. Hey! Love your blog.. you blog name and style is so fun! I am a new follower from Meet Me Monday and fellow saver, I might add! My blog is Just Married with Coupons . Hope you will swing by and visit us too.

  2. I am following you! Thanks for stopping by!


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