Thursday, August 25, 2011

Awkward and Awesome: If There Was An Earthquake...


-Earthquakes...on the East Coast!? Totally unheard of! I was in a meeting when it happened and the guest speaker was all like, "Oh, it's just the HVAC system"! Ummm, definitely not! Whose HVAC system have you been around? Obviously not a proper functioning one because nooooo one's HVAC system should make a whole building shake like that. Crazy lady!

-My undying love for JayZ. The fact that his tour with Kanye West is coming as close to me as DC and I won't be able to attend is blowing my lifetime high right now. Thank goodness for a new job but to hell with the fact it's gonna look irresponsible for me to take days off within the first few months of me being there. This is some bull-ish!!

-I'm on a manic hunt for Cowboys tickets. Anyone know where I can find a super good deal on them?

-Some random female named 'Tamika' who left her number on my man's ride. How dare you, you lame excuse of a woman? You have no class or respect for yourself!! Please hide under a rock somewhere...HE IS MINE!!! Bitch!!


-Started my new job on Monday. And the heaping amount of information that they've given me over the past couple of days have been totally overwhelming. But I'm not complaining. I'm ecstatic!! Woot Woot!!!

-Rising of the Planet of the Apes. MY RATING-10,000. Seriously. THEE. BEST. MOVIE. OF. THE. YEAR. Maybe even the best of the decade. So Oscar worthy. Go see the movie. Enough said.

-My strong urge to see 'The Help' movie. Has anyone seen it? Thoughts? Comments?

-Making homemade Rice Krispie Treats. They're soooo much better than the one's that you find in the store. Add extra butter for even more deliciousness!!

What was Awkward and/or Awesome for you this week?

Post Title from: Earthquake by Lady GaGa


  1. Congrats on the new GIG! Pure Blessing!

    Seen the Apes it was good until they terrorized the city. Wish they didnt eXtend them doing that (didn't seem realistic) for sooooo looong.
    Gr8 movie tho'

    Seen the HELP. It was ok. It was just like what my GranGran would tell me from her past. Let us know what you think about it if you go. It's about us being treated unfairly....(U know)

    I was in a wreck this past week and the Awkward thing was he hit me and he was calling me names that were NOT so who I am! The sad part was he was treating me like he was the victim and I keep saying when will OUR people learn. The cops love it when we dog each other out.
    I am praying for PEACE!

    Have a Thankful Thursday..


  2. Oh my goodness you crack me up to no end! HVAC system..... Too funny, and hey it is definitely apparent that more than just you think you're man's "got it" and  as my man once said to a guy after a comment about my ass "Well you can look, but she's coming home with me..."


  3. Girl I was too through when she said that. I was just looking at her like...really!?

  4. My week has been akward & far from awesome. I too felt the quake in KY but it was only minor vibrations. Still, I felt it :)
    Glad you are enjoying your new job & I agree with ya, Rice Krispee Treats are awesome :)

  5. I tried again to make Rice Krispy Treats just the other day and they came out HORRIBLE!! I never knew that different brands of marshmallows made a difference:-/


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