Friday, August 26, 2011

Here Comes The Story Of The Hurricane...

Dear Irene,

With recent natural disasters going on all over the world-hurricanes, tropical storms, earthquakes-I'm kind of unsure of what to expect from you. I'm actually a bit afraid. There's been around the clock news coverage in anticipation of your arrival. The traffic is backed up for miles and there's a minimum 10 minute wait just to get to a gas pump (okay, so maybe I exaggerated a little but seriously there's an overflow of drivers at the gas station)!  You've convinced people that they need to dip into their already low stash of emergency funds so that they can clear the shelves of Dasani water and Nature's Own bread at all of the local grocery stores.  Really, Irene!? You've terrified our city officials so bad that they've already called for mandatory evacuations in the area.  Let's get this clear, my area never issues mandatory evacuations! Majority of the schools in the area have opened as emergency shelters and the city garages are free for the weekend so as to avoid any one's ride getting totaled by flood damage. My insurance company has already called with an automated message about how they are here for me throughout this whole 'hurricane' ordeal-giving me detailed instructions of how I can go about filing a claim-yada, yada, yada. Mind you.....this is all before I've even seen the first speckle of rain.  You've made some people rich today 'Reeny. I bet the local grocers have exceeded their yearly numbers; they don't need to sell another loaf of bread for the rest of the year-all because of you. So tell me Irene, what exactly is your plan?

And for those of you who live in the eye of the storm,
are you prepared?

Courtesy of the Dollar Market, here's my 'Thrifty and Shameless' Hurricane Irene Survival kit:

1. Bottled Water-lots of it! For drinking and/or bathing-maybe even flushing the toilet if need be.
2. Salty/Spicy Snacks-Salt & Vinegar Chips and...Hot Fire Pork Skins<---that's the fat country girl talking!
3. Sweet Snacks-Fiddle can you have salty without the sweet? I can eat a whole box of these things in one sitting. And that's exactly what I plan to do if I'm stuck in the house all weekend!
4. Canned Goods-especially Chicken Noodle Soup...doesn't matter if this stuff is hot or cold-it's a MISSILE!!
5. Sanitizer-for clean hands just in case there's not hot water.
6. Styrofoam stuff-to eat cold soup in!
7. CARBS-bread and make PB&J sandwiches orrrr PB crackers are always YUM!!
8. Lighting/Communication Devices-what else would I use these for?

What's in your survival kit?

Post Title from: Hurricane by Bob Dylan


  1. Ain't that the truth.  Normally I wouldn't take this whole thing so seriously but just because the EAST COAST had an earthquake the other day - I would rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.  I think if it was really a government plot they would lie to us, keep us unprepared and just let things happen i.e. 9/11.  So the fact the news reports are round the clock and MY PRESIDENT (I heart Pres Obama) came on to warn us, my fridge and pantry are stocked!!

  2. I've been hearing a lot about this but since I'm in Alberta I'm merely a spectator. Stay safe and I'm hoping as I'm sure so many others are that this is not nearly as bad as anticipated.

  3. U do good!

    IT's almost unfortunate, but I do not have survival kit anymore.
    I felt like I was hoarding things that we never use> I just take my Bible and keep moving on.
    I did say however I may start a small s.k. We all need one I am so sure.


  4. Yes girl..we are fully stocked! And fully BORED!!


  5. I hope it's not as bad either. The weatherman is saying that it hasn't even hit yet in this area and some cities are already flooded at least 2 ft. Gasp!!!

  6. Darn...that's one thing I definitely forgot-a Bible! How could I not include that!!!

  7. With all the crazy news about this storm and that you usually would have another post up, I hope this simply means you are holed up somewhere safe!

  8. I am safe and sound but just got my power back so I shall be posting ASAP...believe me, it was killing me to have to do everything by phone. Thanks for your concern!!!


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