Thursday, August 18, 2011

Awkward and Awesome: I Guess That's Awesome...


-The fact that I rarely ever enter blogger giveaways. I'm never lucky enough to win anything. And plus, its just a lot of red tape. Am I the only one who feels this way?

-Chicken Gizzards. Gizzards is such a funny word. Has anyone ever seen gizzards? They look hella awkward but they are good as ever!


-House hunting. Hoping to find something by the start of the new year.

-Midday quickies. I was very naughty today! LOL

-Watching the movie Arthur (while simultaneously writing this post) and laughing out loud by myself because the boo is working.

-Finding new cuties to stalk and follow. This weeks obsessions are these babes:

Jentine from MyEdit, Van C from TheClothesWeWear, Jennifer from BelleDeCouture, Mara from EccentricOwl

-Making homemade candy apples with my gorgeous niece!
I thought it was funny that the directions said 'cook syrup to the hard crack stage'...Ummm...WHAT!?
We ending up putting the apples in the fridge so that the candy could harden and a day later I peeked in the fridge to find all of the candy had slid off of the apples onto the pan that they were sitting on. Apparently, we failed to let the syrup cook to the 'hard crack stage'.  Have you tried making these and how did they turn out?

-Harris Teeter's mega double coupon events. I got all this swag for $11.05. I saved 76% ($35.53) here.

Savin' Maven

Ask me about Harris Teeter's 'mega double coupon events'!!

-The turnout for my DIY Manicure Party was so great that I've decided to do it all over again next month. Seeing as how there are various memes going on each day of the week, I don't want to compete or take participants away from any one blogger so I need your help picking a date. Would it be better to do it during the week or would you girls still participate if it were on a Saturday or Sunday? Gimme feedback dolls! Oh, and you can view the first Manicure Party here.

Did you experience anything Awkward and Awesome this week?
Please share.

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  1. Your too funny!!! Your quickie comment cracked me up :)

  2. Because sometimes there's just not enough time to make love!!



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