Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Trendy Tuesday: Romper Room

How are you all doing today my loves?

I hope your day has gotten off to a terrific start!

Hey, it's Tuesday!!

So you know what that means-it's my favorite day of the blog week! Time for Trendy Tuesday!

One thing about me is that I loves a romper. One piece suits just do something for me-that is until you need to use the bathroom, of course. Then they can be one helluva pain. Especially, when you've had a couple of drinks in your system!!

Nevertheless, I think they are so feminine-classy and super sexy! I love styling rompers with a pair of sky high heels to show off my legs. The longer jumpsuits, in particular, are usually never long enough for me to wear heels with but I do think that they look great when paired with a cute pair of slingback sandals-annnd they make for an awesome concert or festival 'fit.

Romper Room...

Romper Room... by sherockwell featuring a pave heart necklace

How do you feel about rompers?

What do you pair yours with?

By the way, thanks a ton for reading. It's much appreciated!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Savin' Maven Monday: DIY Cap Toe

Hello and Happy Monday my loves!

I hope everyone had a super weekend. Mine wasn't too special but it wasn't boring either. I spent some time with the dude on Friday, went to a pool party on Saturday, and spent time with my family on Sunday. I'm super excited that I have the next couple of days off of work because that means I get to do some much needed cleaning annddd get back on the roll with my DIY projects. 

I feel like it's been forever since I've done a project so today is the perfect day to show you all my latest creation-DIY cap toe heels.

I purchased these heels from Forever XXI as part of their Buy 1, Get 1 FREE sale. I've had them for about 7 months, as I purchased them around Christmastime. I initially loved the shiny gold color but quickly figured that not only did I have nothing to wear them with but they were also hard to style.

Since I've quickly fallen in love with cap toe heels-most of which are way too expensive for my budget-as well as the neon trend, I figured that I would create my own cap toe in hopes that it would make for easier styling of the shoe. 

Here's what you will need: 

*old shoes (or new shoes in my case)-ones that you don't mind experimenting on, of course
*acrylic paint-I used Neon Pink by Craft Smart
*painters tape 
*foam brush
*mod podge (not pictured)

That's it, you're ready to begin.

STEP 1: Decide how much of the shoe you want to paint in order to create the 'cap toe' effect. Use painter's tape to section off your desired area. 

STEP 2:  Paint the taped off section until you get the desired effect. It seriously took me upwards of 10 coats of paint to get the look that I desired. It seemed like no matter how many coats I used the gold continued to peek through. 

STEP 3: After you have acquired your desired 'cap toe' effect, coat that section with one layer of Mod Podge-this awesome crafters glue will give your cap toe a small amount of luster, thus keeping it from looking so matted and dull. 

STEP 4: Once the Mod Podge has dried, remove the painter's tape and there you have it-a cutesy cap toe shoe!

What do you think about DIY cap toes?

Would you rather splurge on the real deal or save money and make your own? 

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Keep It Simple...

Happy Thursday my loves. 

Or should I say-TGIT!!!

Thank Goodness It's Thursday. During the summer, Thursday marks the end of the work week for me. I'm totally excited about that. I hope every one's day has gotten off to a splenderific start! Mine has definitely started on the right foot because I was able to wake up next to 'the dude' this morning. He makes me smile so much!

Gasp! I'm being wayyy too sentimental here. I need to toughen up because you all did NOT come here to hear about my mushy love life.

**snaps out of it**

Okay, so let's talk about how comfortable outfits like this make me...

Thrifted Belt and Purse
I love that I can chill in it without feeling too dressed up and I can even wear it on a casual date without feeling underdressed.

I feel like overall I'm a pretty simple chic. I love classic pieces, bold colors, cute T-shirts, and pretty shoes. And most of all-comfort and versatility! What girl doesn't, right!?

I have noticed though since I began blogging a year and a half ago, that I tend to lean more towards neutral colors as opposed to bold and bright. As Tim Gunn would put it-'I stay safe'!

I love mixing different pops of color here and there but for the most part, I am pretty....well, safe! I admire the ability of other bloggers who are able to mix patterns and wear awesomely colorblocked outfits. Though I have a ton of color in my wardrobe, I'm just not able to go out everyday like I'm ripping the runway-especially not when I'm just going to run errands. So I keep it minimally simple.

Sometimes I feel as if my 'fits are a little too boring. Take this outfit for instance...

In the grand scheme of things, there's really not much that stands out about it. It's just a simple T-shirt, rolled up cargo's, and studded wedges. Nothing to run home and tell mom about.

But there is something special about it in my eyes-it's classic, it's unexpected, and most of all it's ME-safe, simple, and real!!

Rocker Tee-SportsZone
Do you ever feel like your 'fits are too 'safe and simple' to blog about?

What's the definition of 'edge' in your eyes?

Thanks for reading...
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Trendy Tuesday: 5 Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Happy Tuesday lovelies.
I hope every one's day has gotten off to a fabulous start!!
It's my favorite day of the 'blog week'-Trendy Tuesday. This week I wanted to do something a little different so I composed a list of my favorite trends and put them all in one set.
Often when getting dressed, I tend to only capitalize on wearing one trend that will essentially speak for the whole outfit. But then I thought, what would happen-or rather, what would it look like if I put all of my favorite trends together in one outfit?
Something like this I suppose...
5 Summer Wardrobe Essentials...

Take the statement necklace-that piece speaks for itself and is usually the centerpiece of any outfit but how about pairing it with a solid color peplum top and minty pants. Put some wedges on your feet and carry along a chambray top; that could double as a cardigan for those cold restaurant or movie dates. The chambray has to be my absolute favorite just because it's so interchangeable. Take away the peplum, add the chambray, and you have created a totally different and subtle look that incorporates all (well most) of this seasons' hottest trends.
If you were planning a fashion event and you could only choose 5 of your favorite trends, which ones would you pick?
How would you style them?
I can't wait to hear your thoughts.
Thanks for reading...

Monday, July 23, 2012

Savin' Maven Monday: Grab Bag Sale

Hello and Happy Monday lovelies!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was pretty great. I spent time with my amazing family on Friday and I spent all day Saturday with the dude (swoon). I attended church on Sunday, spent more time with the dude and now I'm back here for Savin' Maven Monday.

On Friday, I showed you guys this bag from Plato's Closet...

Well, a couple of weeks ago they had a huge 'grab bag' sale.

What exactly is a grab bag sale,  you ask?

It's a shopaholics dream come true. I tell you!!! When you enter the store,  you get a bag (or as many bags as you would like) and you will get whatever you fit into that bag for only $15!!!

Catch #1: The bag can only be filled with clearance items-that was cool because the lovely workers at Plato's had the clearance items all sectioned off in the front of the store.

Catch #2: The bag just might've been smaller than my pinky toe! No seriously...I don't know the dimensions of the bag but it was similar to a small Hallmark shopping bag or one of the the small bags that they give you at Bath & Body Works when you purchase travel items.

Soooo, my mind immediately kicked into overdrive. I had to devise a plan. I will pick out anything that catches my eye and sort later. I arrived at the store at 9AM (opening time was 10AM) so I had my route pretty much figured out.

When the doors opened, I asked for two bags and went to work. In the end, I only used one of those bags. Here's what I was able to tuck, roll, and fold all into one mini sized shopping bag for $15...

2 jackets

(Forever XXI/H&M)
3 body-con skirts

(TJ Maxx/American Apparel/TJ Maxx)
2 pencil skirts

(Forever XXI/Express)
4 flirty skirts

(Old Navy/Forever XXI)
3 dresses

3 shirts

(Charlotte Rousse/Aeropostale/??)

1 pair of shorts
(Ann Taylor)
Since I didn't try the items on, some of them will be going because I can't fit them. Either way, I ended up with 18 gently used-some even brand new-items.

 My original total was $211.50 and I got all of this for only $15.75!!!

Talk about a major score. I LIVE for sales like these!!!

What do you think?
I would love for you to share one of your greatest shopping trips with me.

Oh, by the way, thanks for reading!
It means a ton!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Favorites: Vol #17

Happy Friday my loves!!

I'm feeling so great that it's the end of the week. I can't wait to see what the weekend has in store for me. My day has actually gotten off to a more than amazing start already. As if a simple 'I LOVE YOU' text from the dude wasn't enough, he paid me a surprise visit on his break. I'm such a simple chic-it's the little things that make the most difference to me.

Well, enough of the mushy stuff-let's get into the grit and glamour.

Here are a few of my other favorites from the past couple of weeks.

DIY-cap toe heels. I purchased these heels from Forever 21 during one of their Christmas sales. I believe they were included in a Buy 1, Get 1 FREE special. I really have no use for a pair of plain gold heels so I decided to get crafty with them and add a neon pink cap toe. Not yet sure whether I will be posting the details for this DIY.

These 'Paisley' heels that I found on clearance at Target. I tell you, I absolutely love their clearance sales. I had been eyeing these babies since they made their entrance 3 months ago, however $29.99 a pop was just way too expensive for my frugal pockets. So I waited...and waited until I found them for a fraction of the cost. The gold ones were $8.98 and the leopards were $14.98. I also got a plain black patent leather pair for $14.98. So all three pair came up to about $40.

I love this JCrew bubble necklace-especially with the polka dots. This baby retails for $150 but I was able to find it on eBay for $16. Talk about a major steal of a deal!!

This one is a little corny but I love my sister's handwriting. She always draws cute little pics for me when she gives me cards. 

Now reading Dear Drama by Braya Spice. If you've been following for a while then you know that I'm an absolute book worm. I always have a constant rotation of at least 5 books to read at any given time. Maybe one day I will do a post on my personal library.

My latest thrifty find. Cognac knee boots-thrifted for $3.98. I died when I saw these. First off, I have the same pair in grey and they fit like a champ; so when I saw that these were not only my size but practically brand new, I HAD TO HAVE THEM!!

My mag swag over the past couple of weeks. I love reading-so any type of literature is of interest to me-especially when colorful pictures are involved.

A new piece of abstract artwork for my home. My sister gave me this as a birthday gift. She hated to part with it, but I was so glad to accept it. I can't wait to hang it!!

Last but definitely not least-my shopping bag from Plato's closet. They had a killer 'grab bag' sale last weekend. Stay tuned on Monday as I show you all 20 items that I was able to score for $15. I've been trying to get the dude to let me borrow his video cam so that I could actually record the haul but he probably forgot. Oh well, either way, the haul will be posted on Monday-rain or shine.

What were some of your favorite things from this week?
Do share...

And thanks a ton for reading...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trendy Tuesday: Wedge City

Hello and Happy Tuesday my loves!!!

I hope your day is going well thus far. I know that I'm a little late in posting but better late than never, right!?

You all know just how much I love Trendy Tuesday. It's one of my most favorite features of the blog and I get so excited to post each week because it allows me a chance to really tap into my creative, artistic side.

Today, well this week rather....no lemme rephrase that-for the past couple of years I've really been coveting wedges. It's seems like now they're more popular than ever and I can see exactly why.

Here are the reasons why I die for them and find them so irresistible...

***They're comfy-no matter how tall or uncomfortable the heel may appear, the platform portion provides a level of comfort that can't be compared to the most worn flat shoe in your closet.

***They make your legs look extremely long-enough said! Who doesn't want long legs!!??

***They're classic- I'm not sure that wedges ever went out of style and I'm not certain that they ever will. I personally am a faithful purchaser of the wedge.

***They're hella easy to style-it doesn't matter if you rock 'em with shorts, skirts, dresses, or pants-you're guaranteed to turn heads.


Wedge City...

Wedge City... by sherockwell featuring floral wedges

What's your take on the ever so classic wedge?
How do you like to wear yours?

Thanks for reading...

Monday, July 16, 2012

It's Been A While...

Hello and Happy Monday my loves!!!

I know it's been a while. 

I've totally missed visiting and interacting with each and every one of you but sometimes a break is very much needed. I do appreciate the fact that you all have continued to visit and comment though. 

It means everything and more to me. 

Now...on to what you came here for...

This fit...

Well this skirt, in particular, is EVERYTHING to me. It's one of the few items that I actually spent more than $5 on. Haha! How cheap does that make me sound!? 

Now don't get it twisted-the skirt was on sale AND I had a coupon for it so I kinda had no choice.

I even got a size too big because it was the last one left and I was that much in love with it.

I had no earthly idea what to pair it with so I reached for my old faithful chambray and from there I went. Because the skirt has elastic in the waist I paired the 'fit with a printed belt to sorta cover up the waistband. Please excuse my facial expression though, I think I was in the middle of yelling some sort of expletive to my camera because it was hot and as you can see the shots were coming out a bit blurry.

I desperately need a new camera. I'm patiently awaiting Black Friday so that I can stand in the lines to get one. Then I won't have to worry about my pics coming out like this anymore...


I was almost ready to end this post by saying that I didn't have on anything thrifted but then I remembered this vintage Dooney & Bourke purse. It has become my all time fave because it's so versatile and can literally be worn with anything. What a great $4.98 investment!

Purse-Thrifted (Dooney & Bourke)/Chambray+Belt-NY&Co.
Oh yeah, I can't forget about these wedges. They were Buy 1, get 1 for a penny at Wet Seal so I purchased these and a cognac colored pair for $15 last summer. I loves a great deal.

Now tell me...are any of you guilty of purchasing something that's not your size only because it's the last one left?

Be honest-I can't be the only one who does that!!!


Thanks for reading!

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