Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Trendy Tuesday: Romper Room

How are you all doing today my loves?

I hope your day has gotten off to a terrific start!

Hey, it's Tuesday!!

So you know what that means-it's my favorite day of the blog week! Time for Trendy Tuesday!

One thing about me is that I loves a romper. One piece suits just do something for me-that is until you need to use the bathroom, of course. Then they can be one helluva pain. Especially, when you've had a couple of drinks in your system!!

Nevertheless, I think they are so feminine-classy and super sexy! I love styling rompers with a pair of sky high heels to show off my legs. The longer jumpsuits, in particular, are usually never long enough for me to wear heels with but I do think that they look great when paired with a cute pair of slingback sandals-annnd they make for an awesome concert or festival 'fit.

Romper Room...

Romper Room... by sherockwell featuring a pave heart necklace

How do you feel about rompers?

What do you pair yours with?

By the way, thanks a ton for reading. It's much appreciated!


  1. great picks chica! very unique. I looove me a romper- when it is not on MY body. I have a hard time wearing them, but they are ohsocute!

  2. I love rompers, they are ultra chic and I adore that blue romper pantsuit! The only thing about rompers that is an inconvenient is when using the restroom in public. You practically have to stripe naked! lol :) Btw - Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! xx


    1. Yes, using the restroom can be a hassle!

  3. These are very sophisticatedand I would wear all of them:) Tastefully SoSo

  4. I love all of these, but i can't actually wear rompers, and I hate that i can't. i usually wait until the last minute to potty which is a disaster with rompers. I had a really cute one from Forever21, but by the time I had to go so bad I ended up ripping ALL of the bottoms off in order to make it in time. I think if i had one that had no buttons and was really stretchy I would be fine.

  5. I love all of them. Rompers are extremely flattering on me, I've had to tell myself not to go overboard with the trend...although I suspect I'll be rockin them long after its over. lol!

    1. I feel the exact same way. I have a ton of them!


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