Monday, July 23, 2012

Savin' Maven Monday: Grab Bag Sale

Hello and Happy Monday lovelies!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was pretty great. I spent time with my amazing family on Friday and I spent all day Saturday with the dude (swoon). I attended church on Sunday, spent more time with the dude and now I'm back here for Savin' Maven Monday.

On Friday, I showed you guys this bag from Plato's Closet...

Well, a couple of weeks ago they had a huge 'grab bag' sale.

What exactly is a grab bag sale,  you ask?

It's a shopaholics dream come true. I tell you!!! When you enter the store,  you get a bag (or as many bags as you would like) and you will get whatever you fit into that bag for only $15!!!

Catch #1: The bag can only be filled with clearance items-that was cool because the lovely workers at Plato's had the clearance items all sectioned off in the front of the store.

Catch #2: The bag just might've been smaller than my pinky toe! No seriously...I don't know the dimensions of the bag but it was similar to a small Hallmark shopping bag or one of the the small bags that they give you at Bath & Body Works when you purchase travel items.

Soooo, my mind immediately kicked into overdrive. I had to devise a plan. I will pick out anything that catches my eye and sort later. I arrived at the store at 9AM (opening time was 10AM) so I had my route pretty much figured out.

When the doors opened, I asked for two bags and went to work. In the end, I only used one of those bags. Here's what I was able to tuck, roll, and fold all into one mini sized shopping bag for $15...

2 jackets

(Forever XXI/H&M)
3 body-con skirts

(TJ Maxx/American Apparel/TJ Maxx)
2 pencil skirts

(Forever XXI/Express)
4 flirty skirts

(Old Navy/Forever XXI)
3 dresses

3 shirts

(Charlotte Rousse/Aeropostale/??)

1 pair of shorts
(Ann Taylor)
Since I didn't try the items on, some of them will be going because I can't fit them. Either way, I ended up with 18 gently used-some even brand new-items.

 My original total was $211.50 and I got all of this for only $15.75!!!

Talk about a major score. I LIVE for sales like these!!!

What do you think?
I would love for you to share one of your greatest shopping trips with me.

Oh, by the way, thanks for reading!
It means a ton!


  1. Wow! That is amazing! I have one of these stores in my town & I have just signed up for their newsletters. I hope they do a sale like this soon near me.

    1. Yes you should definitely go. Even when they don't have huge sales like that the deals are still great!

  2. I love a bag sale. You found some great pieces. I especially love the skirts!

    1. This was actually my first bag sale. I'm totally hooked!

  3. That is awesome. And you got some great pieces!

  4. My type of gurl!!! That is what I'm talking about...MAJOR SCORE!


    1. Yes girl. I couldn't let this sale get by me!

  5. I love a good Buy the Bag Deal!!!
    Great Kloset pulls

    Kéla Walker

  6. you found some GREAT items!!! go girl!


  7. That's definately a score!! I have never been to Platos Closet, but since I am in the Southern Cali area.. I def will have to check it out sometime!!!!!

    1. Please won't be disappointed!

  8. Major Score!!!!! I have NEVER been to Plato's Closet... but I can soooo see it in my FUTURE!


  9. How fun is this!!!! Was it a mad
    Creative bargain shoppers rock!!! Yay!:)

    1. Mad house cannot describe the amount of madness! LOL

  10. That's impressive. I've never heard of a sale like that where ou buy bags.

  11. Wow! I wish something like this happens around where I live. Then again, probably it does and I just never know about it. Eek.

    Meanwhile, you've picked some great items.

    1. Check around. I guarantee there's a Plato's in your area!


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