Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Favorites: Vol #17

Happy Friday my loves!!

I'm feeling so great that it's the end of the week. I can't wait to see what the weekend has in store for me. My day has actually gotten off to a more than amazing start already. As if a simple 'I LOVE YOU' text from the dude wasn't enough, he paid me a surprise visit on his break. I'm such a simple chic-it's the little things that make the most difference to me.

Well, enough of the mushy stuff-let's get into the grit and glamour.

Here are a few of my other favorites from the past couple of weeks.

DIY-cap toe heels. I purchased these heels from Forever 21 during one of their Christmas sales. I believe they were included in a Buy 1, Get 1 FREE special. I really have no use for a pair of plain gold heels so I decided to get crafty with them and add a neon pink cap toe. Not yet sure whether I will be posting the details for this DIY.

These 'Paisley' heels that I found on clearance at Target. I tell you, I absolutely love their clearance sales. I had been eyeing these babies since they made their entrance 3 months ago, however $29.99 a pop was just way too expensive for my frugal pockets. So I waited...and waited until I found them for a fraction of the cost. The gold ones were $8.98 and the leopards were $14.98. I also got a plain black patent leather pair for $14.98. So all three pair came up to about $40.

I love this JCrew bubble necklace-especially with the polka dots. This baby retails for $150 but I was able to find it on eBay for $16. Talk about a major steal of a deal!!

This one is a little corny but I love my sister's handwriting. She always draws cute little pics for me when she gives me cards. 

Now reading Dear Drama by Braya Spice. If you've been following for a while then you know that I'm an absolute book worm. I always have a constant rotation of at least 5 books to read at any given time. Maybe one day I will do a post on my personal library.

My latest thrifty find. Cognac knee boots-thrifted for $3.98. I died when I saw these. First off, I have the same pair in grey and they fit like a champ; so when I saw that these were not only my size but practically brand new, I HAD TO HAVE THEM!!

My mag swag over the past couple of weeks. I love reading-so any type of literature is of interest to me-especially when colorful pictures are involved.

A new piece of abstract artwork for my home. My sister gave me this as a birthday gift. She hated to part with it, but I was so glad to accept it. I can't wait to hang it!!

Last but definitely not least-my shopping bag from Plato's closet. They had a killer 'grab bag' sale last weekend. Stay tuned on Monday as I show you all 20 items that I was able to score for $15. I've been trying to get the dude to let me borrow his video cam so that I could actually record the haul but he probably forgot. Oh well, either way, the haul will be posted on Monday-rain or shine.

What were some of your favorite things from this week?
Do share...

And thanks a ton for reading...


  1. Thanks for the great finds, I actually stopped reading mid post to go on ebay and ordered that necklace lol. I have been looking everywhere for a necklace like that and for a decent price. I got the baby blue one!

    Can't wait to see your Platos finds. That store name sounds familiar...are they a chain?

    1. Plato's is a franchise chain. What color necklace did you get? I had a hard time deciding.

  2. Wow what an amazing deal you got on that necklace, I've been wanting a neon piece like that but haven't had any luck!

    1. I've had my eye on that necklace for sooooo long but I was NOT paying $150 for it!!!

  3. Love finding a new frugal diva...inspires me to save!!!
    thanks so wallet thanks you also!

  4. Those boots alone would make my week, Miss R. Did you say you have them in gray too?
    You're in Richmond right? You've got to tell me where the best thrift shops are.
    My favorite find of the week is a green,grey and white zig zag pattern dress I found on clearance at Belk!

    1. Yep, I have them in gray. And I'm about an hour outside of Richmond.


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