Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones...But Chains and Whips Excite Me...

I want this...

Corset Tshirt
I've always thought corsets and bustiers were very sexy, in a dominatrix kind of way. They make me think of whips and chains and thigh high patent leather stilettos. Being kinky and letting go of all inhibitions.....

Okay, okay I'm getting a little warm in here.  
(I never knew a little corset tshirt would excite me so much)

Out of all my years, I've never worn one; a corset that is. I do own one though, I've just never worn it.  I purchased it from TJ Maxx last season so I can't wait to style it. Since there is still a little chill in the air I decided to first try a corset inspired Tshirt just to see how I would like the effect.


I paired it with my all time favorite red cardigan from Old Navy (it's at least 5 years old and it still hasn't lost it's flava) , some thrifted wide legs, and my bronze Steve Madden kitten heels. I actually went to have dinner with my BF's family in this 'fit and his fam totally loved it. I was worried though that the 'corset like' design would be too much but it worked.

My pants are not high waisted, but oh well, right!

Corset Tshirt-Miley to the MAXX via Walmart $3

I got inspiration for this outfit from this TwoBirds Inspiration Monday pick:
Inspiration Monday
How do you rock your high waisted/wide leg pants?

You can visit TwoBirds to see how everyone else interpreted this week's inspiration.

In other 'Word on the Street' news, the BF and I rented Stone starring Robert DeNiro, Edward Norton, and Mila Jovovich.


In Stone, a convicted arsonist looks to manipulate a parole officer into a plan to secure his parole by placing his beautiful wife in the lawman's path. Again, another film dealing with law and the justice system. I would have loved a little more action (and maybe even some type of twist) but if you're in the house with nothing to do on a rainy day then maybe you can go and pick it up. I wasn't too thrilled by it though.


What's your 'Word on the Street' this week?
Any favorites?
(fashion trends, new bloggers, books, movies, events, etc)

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  1. Ha! What a fun tee! I like how you paired it with red!


  2. I love your post title :) and the shirt is really cute! I'm just stopping by to thank you for following Random Deals. Here to return the favor. :)

  3. See, and now you did the wide leg look amazingly, too! I love the corset top with the red cardigan; it's like it hints at being super saucy, but is actually very staid. Love it! Thanks for your visit to my blog -- you made me chuckle into my morning coffee, which is a pretty big deal for me!

  4. Why, thank you! Red happens to be my favorite color so I personally think it goes well with EVERYTHING!!!


  5. Thanks love! I wear that red cardi with EVERYTHING!! I'm surprised it isn't ripped to shreds by now!! So glad I could get your morning off to a good start! YAY;-)



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