Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm So Appalled....Spalding Ball!!!


-So as I was visiting other bloggers sites, I came across the blog of a female who was clearly pissed about the fact that she almost had to fight another lady for coupon inserts at the newspaper box last Sunday. I was intrigued by this post and shocked at how ridiculous people are beginning to be over these little pieces of paper. Until I read this:
Sure enough we both pull up to the box and the black bitch jumps out and starts wrapping her arms around the whole pile of papers.....Now, I'm not really that threatening of a person, I'm short and petite - compared to this black momma...... As I drove away from the encounter, I wondered what the bitch was going to do with twenty sets of inserts, was she a reseller? Could be since she didn't strike me as being bright enough to know how to actually use that many coupons....Anyway, I think whatever her motivation she looked like she probably needs the money more than me.
I was livid and spent the rest of my afternoon pondering on whether or not to leave a comment letting her know how I felt or just leave it alone and let her think that it is okay to say things like this and pass judgement on people in this way. Needless to say, I decided to swallow my pride and go back to her blog to leave her my thoughts. Here's my response: 
Good day. I'm visiting from a blog hop and while I totally understand your frustration, I must say that I'm a little confused as to why her race had to be an issue? Why couldn't she just be a bitch!? Then to imply that she's not 'smart enough to know how to use that many coupons'!!! Uggghhh!!! I'm am a black woman, a very intelligent one, in fact one who knows how to and uses the hell out of TONS of coupons. I am a regular visitor to your blog and not sure whether to come back because I feel a little offended as would any other black woman who reads this post. You are definitely entitled to your opinion because this is YOUR blog but maybe just be a little more sensitive to the feelings of your 'black' readers. Hope you have better luck this Sunday at the newspaper box.
That's more than enough 'awkward' for the whole week, ya think?


-I received 2 scholarships from my school last semester....a special 'gala' was held for us on campus last night. Everything was soooo gorgeous and the food was yummy. I was actually seated at the table with the Provost and the several other members of the Education Foundation who upon conversing with them they told me that my program (Funeral Services) will be receiving some extra money in the near future and they would make sure I was the first one to know about it when it comes into fruition. Ahhh....all those years of being called a nerd (and thinking I was weird for it) have finally started to pay off-TREMENDOUSLY!!!

Silly me didn't take a picture of my 'fit though.

- SWAGBUCKS. Yes, it is real. And it's soooo easy. You get awarded swagbucks to do things you would  normally do on the net like search, participate in polls, play games, and watch videos. Now that I'm hip to swagbucks, I hardly ever use google anymore. For every 450 'bucks' you accumulate you can cash in and get a $5 Amazon gift card. Orrrr, you can save all of your 'bucks' and cash them in at once. One of my blogger friends that I visited yesterday said that she had just cashed her bucks in to get a Kindle. I personally plan to let my 'bucks' stack and cash them in to use for Christmas shopping. I just joined about a month ago and I am already close to having enough points to get a second gift card. What's better than free money? Annnddd, you get bonus 30 points just for signing up. Click here to learn more and/or sign up. 

Click here to join

-The crazy, sexy, and cool chics that I found while browsing through the entrants of  PrettyShinySparkly's Bloggers Do It Better Challenge. Even if you don't join the challenge, you should at least take a glance at some of these ladies. Some of my faves are ShopNowSaveLater, FlorDeMariaFashion, and NanysKlozet.

Colorblocking Beauties
-Mother's Day is coming up. Although, I always tell my mom how much she means to me,  I love that I have a whole day to dedicate and profess my undying love for my mommy (the best mom in the world). I also love that TinyPrints posted codes for free cards on their Facebook page-3 days in a row. I totally took advantage and used all three code to get cards-one for Mom, one for Sisah, and one for G-ma. I will post them and share them with you once I receive them in the mail. What are you doing for your Mother this year?

-As I was checking my email the other day, I noticed an invite to volunteer some events for  Boston Fashion Week. Being as though I live hours away from Boston, I'm extending the invite to anyone who may be interested. Just comment with your name and email and I will forward the the information along. You have to get in on this ASAP as I believe it's starting next week.

-I began a 'Spring Break Beauty' giveaway on Monday and I would loovvve for you to enter. It's just a little something to say thanks for following me and my little 'ole blog. Click here to find out the details.

-It's CINCO DE MAYO and I'm ready for some margarita's!!!!!!  How are you celebrating today?

What kind of awkward and awesome moments did you have this week?

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