Friday, May 6, 2011

My Feet They Speak Italian...Walk So High!!!

How many of you are familiar with this scenario...

You see the flyest pair of heels on clearance but you don't have anything to wear with them. You left your cash at home and vowed to only use your debit card for emergencies this year. Your spouse would kill you if he saw you bringing another pair of 'shoes that you don't wear' into the house.
So what do you do?

You whip that card out, swipe your stripe and press on. You wait 'til the spouse is at work or out with the fellas and you inch those beautiful babies in your closet and wait 'til you find something to style them with.
Haha, that's a NO BRAINER, right *insert wink*! 

Women and shoes are like men and cars...we gotta have 'em. Just so happens that our obsession is a lot less taxing on the pocket. Go figure!!

What girl doesn't love shoes!?

I know I do. So when Katy decided to center this week's FBFF questions around shoes, I couldn't get this post written fast enough. I don't participate on a weekly basis but I make sure to link up and post my thoughts on the topics that interest me. I also make sure (as I do with all of the blog hops that I participate in) to take some time out to visit each of the other participant pages and leave meaningful comments where applicable. This is time consuming, but I love seeing what other people think and just the overflow of inspiration I get when visiting others is enough to keep me motivated. I'm sure this link up is going to receive an overwhelming response so I'm already penciling in my 'visiting hours'. Here goes:

Join in on the fun, or if not, at least go see what everyone else is saying by clicking here.

1. What is your go-to pair of shoes? Kitten heels, of course. They are comfy enough for me to stand for hours on end at work yet stylish enough for me to transform into a night out with the girls after work.

2. What goes into your shoe buying decisions? When buying shoes I tend to think about price first and foremost-the only shoes that I'm willing to spend a fortune on are work shoes because I know that I will get my money's worth out of them. Of course I have to look for a shoe that is comfortable for me-I've gone many a day having a fly ass shoe on but secretly tipping around like I'm walking on hot rocks because my pinky toe is screaming. That is not cute, classy, or chic-it's actually pretty tacky. Lastly, I try to search for something that's unique-something you are going to see everyone and their momma with. I also like color and texture because it really spices up the outfit. 

Mona Mia Trinidad $46

3. The majority of the shoes in your closet are what color? Oh, a very enormous plethora of colors invade my closet space. I don't discriminate honeys. The bolder, the better! 

4. When it comes to design shoes what are your favorite brands and why? I work alot and am on my feet a majority of the time so as far as comfort and style, I would go with Nine West. I'm also in lust with Steve Madden-their brand is really funky and trendy. Lastly, the Target brands never cease to amaze me. They possess all of the characteristics that I've already mentioned (lol because I sound like I'm talking about a man).
Nine West $89

Steve Madden WILDD $149.95

Mossimo Posie (Target) $26.99

5. If price wasn't an issue, you'd own which shoe? Ohhhh, please let me let me come into a lump sum of money. I heading straight to Jimmy Choo. And after I purchase my ridiculously overpriced pair of shoes, I'm gonna kick Carrie Bradshaw slam up the ass with my size 9 stiletto for making me feel like I just had to have a pair. Mmkay, thanks!!

Jimmy Choo Vivienne $1695.00

Speaking of shoes, I was visiting Courtney from ThoseGraces yesterday and she put me on to a very cool site called LuLu's-they have very trendy and affordable shoes, just the way I like 'em. As a matter of fact, she's doing a giveaway for a $40 gift card specifically for that site so go visit her now to find out details about how to enter. While you're doing that I'm gonna try to find some cute shoes over at Spegiel so I can finally use the gift card that Wendy Williams gave away when I went to her show a couple of weeks ago.

I can't waaaaiiiitttt to see what the rest of my blogistas have to say about their shoe obsessions. You can see too by clicking here.

How do you keep your shoe obsession under control?


  1. I wouldn't know how to keep my shoe obsession under control, I've never tried! Loving those 9west green sandals in particular, meow!!

  2. Hahaha.. I love this! The beginning is so me. I went shopping with my husband and sister-in-law and totally ended up with three pairs of shoes. My husband was like "I thought you were helping my sister?! You're not buying those are you?" Actually I was. Hey, when he stops purchasing computers, computer hardware, and software, I'll think about cutting down on the shoe buying. lol

  3. haha I loved your opening! YEY another kitten heels fan!

  4. Great post. Like your examples. Steve Madden is my go to brand as well for quality at a decent price.
    Yes, Target does have some cool styles too. So does Forever 21 beleive it or not. And so far I have been quite happy with the ones I got from them.

  5. Lemme tell you...a shoe addiction is NOTHING to mess around with! It will definitely leave you BROKE!!!


  6. I loves Nine West. They are trendy and comfy enough to rock all day at work ANNNDDD they're hella inexpensive!


  7. OMG!! I totally forgot about electronics. My BF is a computer GEEK...and that stuff is definitely not cheap or thrifty! So yes, you're correct, when they stop buying computer parts, then maybe I'll THINK about curbing my shoe purchases!


  8. I looovee me some kittens! They are definitely one of my key items!!!


  9. Ohhhh forever 21 DOES have some cute shoes!! I haven't been there in so long though. I get too overwhelmed by all of the stuff in there. That place makes me have anxiety attacks!



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