Thursday, February 3, 2011

You Know What It Is....

I'm awkward....I'm awesome...I'm awkward and I'm awesome (singing off key)! One more day til the weekend. I'm geeked! Not much in this week's edition of A &'s been a pretty lame week thus far but hey look, this is what I wore:

Cardigan-Gap/Shirt-Thrifted/Khakis-Old Navy

-In the state of Virginia, warming your car up (on those mornings that you can see your own breath in the air)is considered to be a legal offense. They don't enforce it unless they are trying to meet quota but to hell with that, I refuse to drive to work in an icebox!

-Okay now I know that different people have varying body temperatures. But come onnn it's minus 2 degrees outside...I'm bundled up with layers, scarf, hat, and leather gloves and all you could muster up is a Tshirt and flip flops. Are you kidding me!?

-Every month at my job we celebrate birthdays with a cake party. So we're all gathered in the lounge singing 'Happy Bday' when my one co-worker begins to cough profusely into her hand. Immediately after, she dove (germ infested) hand first into the cake!! No sanitizer, no 'hey lemme go to the urinal to wash my hands', nothing! What's even more awkward is that no one said a thing...I'm sure my face said it all though...a nasty heifer!

-People who talk you to death!  These types of people will find the absolute worst time to engage in a conversation with you-like when you're reading a book, when you're doing homework, or my favorite is when you're clearly in a rush out the door with your hand on the doorknob. Really lady, you have to tell me about your life story right now!

-Groundhog Day is soooo backwards.  Who gave a beaver the authority to predict the seasons?

-I met a baby today....her name....Celestial Star...reminds me of a popular brand of tea that I drink! What in THE world!!!

-My homemade cajun penne pasta! I haven't cooked in some time now so my BF begged me to make it for him as he stood over my shoulder asking me if there was anything he could do to help. Awwww...that was sweet of him!

-Nestle's Valentine Swirled Chocolate Chip Cookies with ice cold milk

-Wiz Khalifa's act of genius! Until now he has been somewhat of an underground artist.  His song 'Black and Yellow' has become the new anthem of the year and has even prompted the Steelers to go extra hard this football season.  Hence, their spot in this year's Superbowl. That song is gonna generate tons of money for ole' Khalifa. Good job Wiz!

It's been fun friends.

SIDENOTE: Tomorrow is 'National Go Red for Women Day' so  I will be dressing in red to help promote the awareness of Heart Disease.  Go on over and visit Andie in order to participate in upcoming events throughout the month. Thanks for reading!


  1. So, I love your red shirt and cardigan. I also loved that I LOL at your "awkard" section.

  2. love this post! i'm from minnesota, and it's also "illegal" to leave a running car outside. ridiculous! however, i have to say, i love this outfit! you look great, and i love you belt!


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