Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In this Moment I just Feel so ALIVE!!!

Word on the Street is that it's humpday! Halfway into the workweek...2.5 more days to go. 2 days into the 30 for 30 and this is what I'm rockin'!

A lil closer...
I especially like the brown vintage purse shown here (lol, it definitely came from Target)...

Accessories can add soooo much life to an otherwise drab outfit so today I decided to remix these pieces by adding an American Eagle scarf and cinching a belt at the waist.  I love playing around with accessories to see how many different combinations I can come up with!

In this week's edition of  'Word on the Street Wednesday' I want to highlight another movie. Yes, yet another REDBOX night with the BF.  We had the chance to watch Buried.  It's centered around a private contractor named Paul, who has been assigned to do some work in Iraq.  Well he ends up getting kidnapped and awakens to find himself buried inside a coffin.  His survival items-a lighter and a cell phone.  Although interesting in the beginning, the monotony began to bore me. Nevertheless, it was a pretty decent flick.

My rating- 7.5/10

Since Linky Tools will no longer be free as of February 7, I will forego the linky list and just make this a regular feature.  If you would like to join in on the fun by leaving a comment about your favorite movie, book, or event of the week, they are always welcome. Until next time...toodles!


  1. Cute outfit!! I love the scarf and bag. You're right accesories add a lot to an outfit and you've got it down! Have a great hump day :)

  2. Great layering. I'm terrible at it and therefore a little boring in the fashion department. I'm loving this 30 for 30!


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