Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Without A Limit...

Tis the day to love and be loved.
I thought it was funny to find these as listed definitions for love:

3. sexual passion or desire.
6. a love affair; an intensely amorous incident; amour.
Because really?...when did sex and love affairs begin to define love?  And if such is the case I would've been in love eons ago! (LOL-no pun intended) I think love takes a little, no, a lot more time to develop than say after a one night stand or even after months or even years of dating someone. To love is to have a deep, unconditional passion or affection for another. The keyword here being unconditional. Having the ability to accept everything about someone-flaws and all-without judgement, criticism, or ridicule! Being sensitive to the needs of another, being secure, being patient, being kind, being a friend. That's my definition of love, what's yours?

Weekly Gratitude
Today, even though my camera is broken and my nerves are in shambles because my work phone has literally been ringing non stop since 11am, I am grateful for love from my family and friends...and of course from all of you who are interested enough to visit me and read my daily ramblings...I'm grateful. Grateful for these comments: 

1."blue belt? perfect! perfect color, width, length, everything. love it all. -brittney http://adayinlifetoo.blogspot.com (fellow remixer)"

2. "this blazer fits you so well! you can see shape in the front and still see all your lower body shape too. lovely and curvy. "

Grateful for caramel cheesecake, short workweeks and long weekends, and grateful to have my best friend as my man! Here's my Vday swag:
Cardigan-Old Navy//ButtonUp-NY & Co/Slacks-NY & Co

The lighting is better on this one!!

And the red leather gloves to match...

I decided to be a lil crafty today and make these for my friends and coworkers...

That turned into this....

Beautiful Butterflies!
Thanks for reading friends. Have a great day of love and loving!

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