Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm On the Right Track Baby, I Was Born This Way...

I'm jumping for joy because I think I found another 'baby'! I placed a bid on not 1 but TWO cameras last night, so everyone keep your fingers crossed in hopes that I can at least win one of them! Hopping with happiness because it's Thursday and I've had the loooonnngggeeessstttt week's been so hectic with work, school, Valentine's Day, blogging, etc. I desperately need to take a personal day.  Here are my A&A's for the week.


-One of my girlfriends coming up to me and saying, "Dang girlfriend, it's time to get your roots redone!" She's a white girl, so I tried to explain to her the difference in our texture of hair. I can't bleach my hair the instant that my roots begin to peak out or else I will need to purchase a wig to cover up my bald head. Sorry, girlfriend but it doesn't quite work like that; black don't crack but our hair will surely fall out if we over process it!

-I cry every time I watch American Idol. I get so emotional when I hear some of their life stories.

-People at work who use the fax machine to make copies rather than just using the COPY MACHINE! I mean, that is what it's made for right? Sheesh, where do these people come from?

-The feeling that I get when turning down someone who has invited me out to lunch after I've told him that I have a BF. And yet again insisting that I take his number down 'just in case'. Um, no!

-People walking around barefoot.....on public school floors! Yuck!!!


-The Gap. They are having a huge sale! Take an additional 40% off of the lowest sale priced items! I can't stay out of there!

-Strawberry and Orange Creme Valentine Chocolates!

-The Paper Doll Project-this is where you can get connected with another blogger and “dress” each other for a day. The project begins on March 22 and I'm excited to participate. Click on the link for more info.

-Today's outfit:

Cardigan-GAP/The rest-NY & Co.

-11 more outfit remixes to go. Because of my work dress code, I can't do everything that I would like to. So if you're looking at my 30 for 30 outfits closely-you're probably thinking that my wardrobe is soooo dry! Such is not the case!

Sweater-XXI/Blouse-Thrifted/Slacks-NY & Co.

Thanks for reading friends.

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  1. I love that white ruffled blouse! So pretty! And girl thanks for the sweet comment! I'm thinking you should also do some more close ups because you are too pretty. xo


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