Friday, February 18, 2011

The Game Needs Change and I'm the Cashier... really, I am sooooo glad it's Friday. And it's nice outside. And I have Monday off. Besides the fact that my office mate is in a pissy mood and someone outbid me on the camera that I wanted, this day couldn't be any better.  So I'm still without a camera but looking on the bright side of things, that's the reason why I have this nifty IPhone. It comes in so handy in times like these. Please excuse me if any of my upcoming pics are a little less than blogger-ly.

Oh what shall I do this weekend? I don't have anything mapped out as of yet but what I do know is that I NEED to change- I need to stop procrastinating and spend my evening doing something productive, like organizing my house. But beforehand I'm gonna fit in a quick trip to the thrift (try saying that fast 5 times). LOL-didn't I just say I needed to change-that would include eliminating some of my thrift store trips. My excuse is that it relaxes me after a long week of work. You agree? (say yes)

I'm skipping out on FBFF today because I don't really have much to say on the topic of Body Image and what I've learned about it through blogging. Either ya got it or ya don't-that's my motto and I'm sticking to it.

I'm doing this instead (click the link below the pic to participate):

Five ? Friday

1. Have you worn the same outfit more than one day in a row? Hells yes!! Especially when I have a late night out and need to be up early in the morning to run errands or something. Clean the essential areas, swap out undergarments and keep it moving!

2. If you had to choose any LARGE city to live in, which would it be? It's a toss up between LA and NY. I'm leaning more towards LA though because for one the weather is always gorgeous and their thrift stores are a shopoholic's dream come true. Can you imagine, all of those celebrities donating their gently used or brand new clothing because it won't fit in their closets.

3. Fly or drive with the kids on vacation? Oh my goodness, which one would be worse? I think I'm gonna go with flying-even though I don't have kids yet, I just think that their behavior would be a little better in the presence of others.

4. What is your idea of 'spring cleaning'? Purging and getting rid of all of the winter things that went unused; Disinfecting and cleaning things like blinds and windows, Organizing closets, Redecorating with spring colors. I really love this:

Spring Decor

5. What is the best book you've ever read?  The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah. Read more about it in my 'Word On the Street Wednesday' feature.

And this too (follow instructions from above to participate):
Fill in the Blank Friday

1. I am an extremely private and introverted person. Creating this blog has allowed me to open myself up to the whole world; it has allowed me to accept that everyone doesn't view things in the same way that I do. It has allowed me to better express myself and serves as a visual journal for me.

2. The bravest thing I've ever done was hold a stranger's man through a heart attack/stroke. It happened so fast. I was coming out of the grocery store and I saw this man sitting on the bench with his eyes rolling back into his head. I noticed he was heaving terribly. When I touched him his whole body felt tense and extremely tight so I checked for a pulse and....nothing! While telling the associates to call 911, I grabbed his hand and prayed while keeping my other hand on his neck as to wait for some sign of a pulse. Moments later, his chest relaxed, his eyes stopped rolling, and he was releasing his hand from mine.  This man was gonna go right on about his business for the day until the ambulance arrived. They had to fight with him to take him to the hospital!

3. I feel prettiest when I put my hair in a wild ponytail on top of my head. I think if accentuates my bold facial features.

4. Something that keeps me awake at night is the BF.  I swear he has a serious issue with getting to sleep at night. Unless, of course, we have 'sookie time' before bed. Otherwise, he's up bumbling around playing the game, making beats, or doing countless other retarded things! Gotta love him!

5. My favorite meal in the entire world is my mother's smothered turkey wings with white rice! I'm calling her right now to request some!

6. The way to my heart is through romance-it's the little things that matter the most!

7. I would like to travel the world...and have a mini shopping spree in each destination!

I wore this:

Cardigan-NY & Co/ButtonUp-GAP/Khakis-NY & Co

And this:

Blazer-NY & Co/Blouse-Thrifted/Slacks-NY & Co

Thanks for reading y'all. Have a great weekend!

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