Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pretty as a Picture...Sweeter than a Swisher

Ahh...its' Thursday....Awesome and Awkward Thursday to be exact! One day before the weekend..3 days before I have to start yet another work week and do this thing all over again!  Sooooo, let's get right into it:

-There is absolutely no tolerance in the school system for disciplining kids anymore...some of them just need a good arse whipping because they are bad as (insert word of choice here)!!!
-I saw Dinner for Schmucks the other night and it was awful-the only reason I rented it is because Steve Carrell (from The Office) has a leading role and surprisingly he just didn't do it for me!
-Random interaction with the 'baby momma'!! Someone PLEASE send me some etiquette tips on how to deal with this sensitive issue!
-People telling you to 'come in' when the door is locked! Don't you remember that you locked the door behind you dummy!
-Trying to plan a 'girls nite' for my girlfriend's birthday and not even the birthday girl showed up...what's that about!?

-Morning sex!!!!
-It's one day before the weekend!
-Getting complimented on my style of dress and being asked, "So where do you shop?".  Does the response "Everywhere" suffice or should I give a full, detailed list?
-Special K-Fruit and Yogurt Cereal
-American Idol Auditions-the premiere was last night!!!  It's sooo entertaining to see the different levels of hot mess that people come up with!
-Little Black Dresses!

And that's it!  I'm quite sure I have some more Awesome and Awkward moments that I can't recall at the moment so I will just save them for next week.  But I will leave you with this because everyone loves a little black dress!

My Little Black Dress

This isn't the full view of the dress but it's soooo adorable. I paired it with a studded belt cinched at the waist and I added a splash of color with a zebra print bracelet! Hell, I really don't do dresses but I gained a new found love for them when the BF kissed me and told me that I looked like a doll baby! I went out with my bestie Khadejah in this ensemble.  You will hear more about our escapades in the future!

Me and bestie Khadejah

Thanks for reading!


  1. The birthday girl didn't show up? That IS awkward!

    Thanks for sharing!

    The Auspicious Life

  2. I love ur outfit especially the pop of colour and it looks great!

    Love ur blog... if you have time stop by and checkout my blog at

    Have a g8 Friday =)


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