Monday, January 24, 2011

Everday is My Day...I Do it MY WAY...Everyday!!!

It's Monday...I'm cold and I'm dragging my feet!  I hope everyone had a beautimous weekend!  Mine was gorgeous aside from the fact that I didn't get to visit Bath and Body Works to use my coupon for a FREE traveling size lotion.  I had been planning all weekend to go and of course with work and studying, time got away from me.  It sucks because those type of do dads make for good stocking stuffers and impromptu gifts for special occasions.  I DID, however, get to use my FREE rental coupon at REDBOX. (Yes, I AM a coupon collector! My BF thinks that it's hilarious, but I say it's all about being 'thrifty'!) Might I add, that Redbox is the greatest invention since sliced bread!!  It's convienient and it's wildly inexpensive.  For 7 bucks, I can rent a different movie for each night.  The best part about it is that you can rent from one location and return at a totally different location if you happen to be running errands for the day.  I LOVES it and will continue to be a faithful Redboxer.  By the way, I rented Salt; I will be sure to tell you how it was on Wednesday when I host 'Word On The Street Wednesday', my new linky party where you can share movies you've watched, good books that you've read, cool new music that you've heard (or concerts you've attended), or even awesome artwork that you've seen.  I'm oh so excited about that!  Another thing I'm excited about is Everyday, Everywear, something new created by my bloggirlfriends Linda and Liz.  Each month they will choose a new clothing item and allow their friends out in the blogosphere to post pics detailing how they styled the selected items.  First on the list was Gingham and though it is extremely tough to photograph (because my camera sucks so it comes out looking like a big mass of squiggly lines), here's how I styled mine...

Red AGAIN!!!
Well my friends, I believe that's all...don't forget to come back on Wednesday for 'Word on the Street Wednesday' (please bear with me as I figure this linky thing out) to hear what I thought about the movie 'Salt'.

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Woohoo. Thanks for posting to the site! It looks great! And, tell your BF that I am a coupon lady, too, and I wouldn't want it any other way!

    The Auspicious Life


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