Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Got Stripes Around My Shoulders...

My Breton Stripes and Thrifty Necklace made with a refashioned silver chain and random keys I found laying around the house!!

What a terrific Tuesday (that was all the way sarcastic)!!! Since the start of the year, I've been consciously trying to live a healthier lifestyle by maintaining my workout ritual and of course by eating better.  So today's Top 2 Tuesday fits right in with my new year's vows!  We are discussing healthy recipes and snack ideas.  My top 2 are as follows:

 a low calorie snack for those who stay on the go!


Pasta Salad
 ...this post totally reminded me that I have to make pasta  salad tonight!  This meal is also low in calories and very wholesome too!  You can add chicken or shrimp to it and throw in some extra spicery to give it a little kick! Also add all the veggies that your heart desires-this makes for a very colorful and festive presentation.  Speaking of color, my Color Brigade outfit is serving a double duty today.  While adding a little color into my outfit I decided that I should find some Breton Stripes to participate in the party over at Everybody, Everywear.  Cheers to navys and greys, greens and whites, baby blues and thrifty accessories, tussled hair and breton stripes!!!

Have a lovely day my friends and don't forget to join me tomorrow for 'Word on the Street Wednesday' where you can gossip about your favorite movie, book, concert, etc. that has been on your agenda recently.  Thanks for reading!!


  1. I got your link from "the undomestic momma." I def. agree with your mantra! Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. i'm loving your layers and you're the second person i've seen pair green with navy. what a wonderful combo that i wouldn't have thought of!

    and very cute necklace too.

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  3. Oh I love how your breton stripes were green! Nice twist.

  4. I like your stripes. And I like green. A lot. In fact I wish a little more of it would show its face around these parts. It's Florida for crying out loud. And that pasta salad looks super delish. I need healthy after the bake fest that has gone on in my house for the past week.


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