Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Favorites...Vol #9

Hello loves...

Man, I am SOOOO GLAD that it's Friday. All week I've been daydreaming about being able to sleep in. I need to take a vacation-ASAP-because my nerves are wearing thin. Have you ever had those weeks where you just couldn't seem to catch up? Yeah, that's what kind of week I've had. And I'm sick of it already.

Nevertheless, there were some things that made me smile....

1. $10 Dinner Box from Pizza Hut-this is the absolute BEST idea they could have ever created. 2. Moscato and Kevin Hart-what can top that! 3. My thrifted wine rack-purchased it for $1.48 and I plan to paint it with... 4. Spray paint and primer- purchased from Taylor's Do It Yourself (or whatever it's called) for $1.86 (after $10 off coupon). 5. I'm a total magazine junkie-I'm gonna try and catch up on reading them this weekend. 6. Ready-made Frappacino-um YES!! 7. More pizza-I purchased 10 of these pizzas from Farm Fresh for $6.25-I received 25 Box Tops to donate to my school and all 10 of the boxes contained codes for FREE Redbox rentals-WINNING!!! 8. The green outfit that didn't make it-I actually hated it (I guess that wouldn't be considered a favorite then, huh) and I will be donating this Ellen Tracy cardigan to a good home sooner than later.

What were some of your favorite things this week?

Do share...


  1. Moscato is the best and paired with anything Kevin Hart can guarantee an entertaining evening.

  2. Yes! It was a great night indeed. Kevin Hart is hilarious!


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