Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Perfect Weather...


Is it time to put away the sweaters yet?

Our weather has been so up and down that I'm afraid to officially transition my wardrobe. On Saturday it was in the 60's and yesterday is was in the 50's. Today it's gonna be 75 degrees. What the...


I purchased this Old Navy sweater back when they had their huge 75% off sales for Black Friday. It's sad that I'm just now getting around to wearing it. Because of the quarter-length bell sleeve it was way too cold to wear it back in December...well for me it was anyway. I'm extremely cold natured so I would have died without the extra layers on. But 60 degree weather was perfect! The sweater is thick enough to where I didn't have to wear a jacket over it. That made me happy because I love the colors in it-the unexpected pop of color along the shoulder makes me swoon so I didn't want it to be hidden with an overgarment <<<<although I'm not really certain that 'overgarment' a searchable term.


Belts are my weakness. I love small ones, big ones, medium sized one, but especially printed ones. What would you call the above print because I have yet to figure out!?


These 'Paisleys' from Target were a great addition to my wardrobe-especially since they can be worn year-round. And they're super comfy!

How do you transition your wardrobe from fall/winter to spring/summer?


  1. Thank You much!

  2. I would call the print giraffe. I love it because it's such a neutral color.

  3. Giraffe!! That's exactly right! How did I NOT think of that!?

  4. Thanks lady!


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