Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WOTS: Obnoxiously Frugal...

Hello my loves. 

It is hella early in the morning but I went to bed earlier than usual so now I'm wide-eyed, looking real simple! Then....I realized that I hadn't done my Wednesday post so I figured what the hell!?

I was browsing through my reading list trying to find some inspiration and I stumbled across this post over at Cheapalicious.  She always lists some really FAB deals and here lately she began a
$50/month shopping budget challenge. I immediately had to commend her because trying to stick with spending only $50 in one whole month is like speaking a foreign language to me. The best I can do is make sure that everything I buy is either thrifted, on clearance, or purchased with coupons (on double coupon days of course).

Like this 'fit:

I'm sure it was well under $50 for the total package. Does that count for anything

Cardi-Plato's (F21)/Jeans-Ross
I've never been the type of chick to spend lots of money on clothing-or anything else for that matter. Name brands and labels don't impress me. They don't make me feel any type of way. As a matter of fact, if I ever spent $500 on a bag or a pair of shoes I would slap the ish out of myself, immediately return the worthless item to the store and demand a refund. View my post here about my thoughts on labels. 

Necklace-Wet Seal/Watch-NY&Co

Honestly speaking, $100 on a pair of shoes is a bit obnoxious to me. I.JUST.CAN'T. And guess what, I still know how to be fly with my $7.00 boots on!!

Riding Boots-Thrifted (Nine West)

My challenge for today is to actually go through my receipts (because yes, I DO keep all of them) and see how close I come to spending $50/month. Thanks for the motivation NikiCheapskate.

I'm soooooo curious...what's your monthly shopping budget?

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  1. I love this post! I started the year with a $50 budget each month and it has been going amazingly well!  Good luck and I love this fit, so super cute!

  2. This outfit is so cute! I love the color play. Name brands are soo over rated... and most of the time you are paying for the name and not the quality. Btw I cant believe those boots are thrifted! They are amazinggg. 

  3. Thank You. I am still in the process of configuring just how much I spend each month because I've honestly never set a budget for myself. I'm sure it's well over $50 though. YIKES!!!

  4. Yes girl! I DIED when I saw that they were not only brand new but only $6.98!!! I couldn't resist!!

  5. Nannette Turner SaundersFebruary 10, 2012 at 9:33 AM

    Love the outfit.  For some things I enjoy a name brand but I do my best to find it at a walmart price.  

  6. Love your blog and i'm not just saying that bcuz of our history lol...those boots are SNATCHED!!!!

  7. $7 boots! Say what, I never have any luck finding nice shoes when I thrift.  Those boots are so fly.  I recently decreased my budget to $100 a month.  My shopping habit was getting out of control, I was spending $400 and $500 crazy! Half to stuff I would end up not wearing or wear once and decide I didn't like it and it was off to the goodwill.  I had to do some reevaluating and I changed my entire shopping approach.  So far so good I spent $94 in January and I am only up to $34 for Feb.  I do love some labels and will purchase them in moderation, nothing like a good mix of high and low every once in awhile.

  8. I died when I saw the boots! They were brand new too. Honestly, it's all about frequency-sometimes I find great stuff, sometimes I don't find anything at all. Girl even with cutting my shopping budget I still find myself not wearing half of the items in my closet. It's nonsense!

  9. Walmart prices are my flava!!

  10. Ok now cuzin ...i will be sending u $50...i need outfit for a banquet....but its friday....can it make it here on time?? Lol


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