Monday, February 6, 2012

Savin' Maven Monday: How's Your Shelf Life?

Hello my loves. 

I hope everyone has had a great weekend. Mine was pretty exciting. I kicked it off with 2 great dates with my 'special someone' and the remainder of the weekend was spent moving into my new abode. 

For sometime now, my closet has looked absolutely ridiculous-no organization, no rhyme or reason, and utterly embarrassing. Since I knew I would be relocating, I figured it would be pointless to begin the reorganization process and then have to pack it all up and start over; so I waited. 

Which brings me to this DIY.

My first order of 'closet business' was to make it a little jazzy by placing some type of covering on these otherwise boring shelves.

There are a total of 8 shelves so I scurried on over to the DollarTree to see what type of paper they had. I picked up 5 rolls of this pretty floral paper. 

Although neutral in color, it has just enough pizazz!

SIDENOTE: DollarTree is always my first round draft pick for simple DIY projects such as this one. 

After hours of measuring and cutting, I was finally able to line all of the shelves!

And away my purses go. 

Materials Needed: 
-Contact Paper/Shelf Liner
-Box Cutter/Razor (for cutting any excess)

Total Time: 
1hr 30mins

Total Expense: 

So tell's YOUR shelf life?


  1. Thank You very much. I wish I had better pics though!


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