Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WOTS: Amazing Blazin'

Hello Lovelies...

I was browsing back through my posts and I noticed that it's been quite a while since I had done an outfit post so here goes. 

I wore this amazing tartan blazer to church a couple of weeks ago....and oh yeah, I wore the jeans as well!! 

Bracelet-NY&Co/Turtleneck-Thrifted (GAP)

I love that my church literally allows you to 'come as you are' however some females take full advantage of that and go all the way overboard with it. I'm talking mini skirts and 'stripper' shoes. I feel like that's flat out disrespectful and it burns me up on the inside...but hey to each his own. Nobody cares about how I feel when they get dressed in the morning.  It is however, apparent to me that they obviously lack class and couth! LOL 

Not that my goal is to be super sexy at church-I'm just saying-I think you can emit a certain amount of class and appeal without having to wear the highest of the high heels or the tightest, most revealing of the 'fits in your wardrobe.

I personally like these shoes...


and yes...that is a cuff because my pants are entirely too long. I usually like for my pants to casually fall over my heel, but these flared NY & Co slacks fell waaaay over my whole shoe and made me appear as if I was walking around on stilts. So...I cuffed them!


This little 'clatchel', because it's too small to be a handbag yet it has a strap so it can't be considered as a clutch, is quickly becoming one of my go-to pieces. Hey listen, if anyone from Old Navy's marketing team happens to be reading this could you please let me know the correct term to use for this cutie pah-tutie! Because I'm obviously clueless!!

'Clatchel'-Old Navy

And the sun was shining extremely too bright today. Hence the salute/attempt to shield the sun from my face gesture!

Ladies how do you feel about wearing jeans to church?

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Have an awesome-like day!


  1. This blazer is fabulous! It's unfortunate when things become lax and people take advantage of that and forget propriety! 

  2. I've never worn jeans to church.  I recall a Sunday years ago when pastor called out a young woman in a mini skirt and before the entire congregation asked her to leave the service until she was appropriately dressed.  There must have been 4-500 people in the audience that morning.  Yikes!

  3. Sherri from Design2ShineFebruary 8, 2012 at 7:15 PM

    Love the thrifted blazer!  It is adorable.  I am so sort I have cuffed my jeans before too.  In fact in my post this week I 'should have cuffed' one of the jeans I wore.  I'm also a thrifter!  In fact, most of my clothes are thrifted for work and casual.  I'd love for you to stop by if you have time. :-)  Here is this week's thrift wear. 

  4. I would love to stop by. Thrifting is my favorite and I'm always searching for new thrifty divas to follow!

  5. I know...I hate when people disregard the important things!!

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets annoyed when girls come to church dressed like strippers. I'm not trying to judge (because there is definitely an irony to judging someone at church...) but come on. Everything has a time and a place! haha

  7. You're right! I know I have no place to judge others but come on-there's a time and a place to dress like a stripper hoe-and church is NOT it!!!

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  9. I look @ it this is the house God, the Almighty....would you wanna be in jeans if he were right in front of you??? Nooooo!!! If you were to go meet the president wouldnt you wear your best....people live in the way of the world...not by the way of its creator these days! Anything goes!!! But I must say you make those jeans classy and timeless!! End of


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