Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WOTS: Whaddaya Think The Teacher's Gonna Look Like This Year...

Since school is now in full swing, I wanted to do some posts centered around just that. I would much rather be networking and meeting some of my favorite fashion bloggers at this weeks IFB Conference but since I have been called upon to do other things with my life, I am stuck here....trying to make it through the first week of school without feeling green.

I have come into contact with my fair share of teacher, professors, instructors, liaisons, and faculty members throughout my life and well....a majority of them have been 'frump dumps' to say the least. Sure teachers have a pretty boring dress code....sure researchers say that teachers should wear muted colors so as to not interrupt the brain waves of the little ones...sure teachers may be up on their feet for the better part of the day; maybe even chasing a few students down the hallway, sitting on a concrete floor, or jumping in to play with the children during recess. But by no means (and I DO mean that literally) does that suggest the fact that teachers should look like they are preparing to partake in a day  of yard sale shopping.  Nor does it suggest that all of today's style rules should be thrown out of the window with the cat litter.

It's very easy to stay within the lines of the 'dress code' and remain stylish:

How's this?

**AC-CESS-OR-IZE-without going overboard, you can add colorful broaches, rings, and bracelets up into the mix

**Mixy, matchy-spruce up everyday items such as cardigans, pencil skirts, and LBD's with statement necklaces, scarves, cinched belts, or minute pops of bold color

**Layers on layers on layers-pair high waisted flared trousers with a stylish tank and a can even throw on a boyfriend blazer to really top it off. Then you can peel off layers as needed

**Less is MORE-if you must go for muted colors, at least make sure that the details are worth an honorable mention


I love this simple, yet effective detailing...

What was your perception of your grade school teacher?

 Better yet, if you have children, what is your perception of their teacher?

How about your college professors?

Post Title from: Hot for Teacher by Van Halen


  1. Very well stated!

  2. I'm a college instructor, and for me wearing simple yet chic look is not bad professionally speaking.  And absolutely, I agree with your tips. I as a  teacher, need to look clean and simple so as not to attract so much attention from my  college students and as well to be stylish but not too showy too, for students to not see flaws unto us that may affect our credibility with them. Teachers must know how to manage their dress code, just the same with the way they know how to manage their students.

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  3. I work in schools and try my hardest to avoid the frump slump, because I don't feel very perky when frumpy. Love your dress!

  4. Do you mean that there is actually RESEARCH on teacher wear?  I teach college classes and while I do tend toward neutrals I always try to have one little edgy detail in every look.  You look gorgeous and if I was one of your little ones I would remember this pretty dress.

  5. I didn't encounter well-dressed teachers until I went to university. I also went to elementary school in the 90s which accounts for some of it... haha. I like that you want to keep your style and also be school-appropriate. (:

  6. Yeah, frump slump is like almost the norm within the school system. I hate it! I like to look nice everyday and I laugh when I see the snide stares and the occasional glance at my shoes!!

  7. Not sure if I would call it research...more like useful opinions. Edgy details and accessories are a MUST!!

  8. I would love to see your professors!! I mean it just wouldn't be right for them to be anything other than FLY. That would be total hypocrisy!!!

  9. I don't think style should ever be compromised regardless of your profession.


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