Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Everybody, Everywear: Gonna Be A Late Night, Early Morning...

Don't get it twisted....

Work is kicking my......(you fill in the dots with whichever form of expletive you feel necessary)!!
The last couple of weeks have definitely been full of  late nights and early mornings for me. And I just looked at my agenda for the week and what do ya know.....meetings every single day-except Friday.  That means even fewer opportunities to post. My weekends will be overflowing with the much needed rest that the week has deprived me of so outfit posts are going to be very few and far between. It's a good thing I have a couple of OOTD pics stashed away in my archives because when life presents inevitable time constraints I can just revert to my desktop, point, click, and upload! This 'fit here is a perfect example (and one of my faves):

Blouse/Wedges-Thrifted..Purse-Vintage Dooney & Bourke..Jeans/Vest-Wetseal

This has been in my archives for a lengthy minute now and I thought it would be a perfect addition for this month's EverybodyEverywear 'Colored Jeans' segment.

Black is the new (insert your favorite color here) right?

I'm sure I'll be the only simpleton in the whole roundup with black bottoms on....because most people don't consider black to be colorful. But the last time I checked black was included on the list of colors to know in elementary school!! Soooo I'm gonna wear my black and be confident in the fact that I followed the rules-ok well maybe I bent them-slightly!! But fashion isn't fashion unless a few rules are taken out of context. So kudos to those of you who rock black like it's the brightest color in the Crayola box. I F'IN DIG YOU!!!

I am truly grateful for my blessings....despite the lack of Zzzzz's!

I feel like I should be able to get a pass on the black pants because one-they make me feel totally kick a$$ and two-I paired them with lots of color. It just wouldn't have been fashionably correct for me to pair this shirt with loud bottoms so I kept the lower half a bit neutral and muted so as to not look like Bozo. Here's a closer look at the Aztec-esque pattern:

Before I peace out I'm curious to know if all of you take new OOTD pics each and everyday or if some of your posts consist of pics from your archives? Is it okay to confess that not all of my OOTD posts are taken the same day that they are posted? Or is that a huge blogger no-no... a secret that I should have kept to myself?

Who cares....I'm a fan of keeping it real!!

Can't wait to see what kind of colors EverybodyEverywear else is rocking...

Post Title from: Late Nights, Early Mornings by Marsha Ambrosious


  1. Thank You and thanks a million for following!

  2. BrittanyZolaThriftsJanuary 9, 2012 at 12:55 PM

    Love this!!!! I really love that top. Im a new follower, looking forward to seeing more!


  3. I'll fess up--my days as a teacher are crazy too.  I'll often take a week's worth of photos on a Sunday afternoon, but I'll wear the outfits during the week AFTER I've snapped the photos.

  4. I participated in EBEW too and I came across your link!  Fierce! I didn't even think of black! Great look...


  5. I don't do many outfit posts but I do type and save blogs so I don't upload all at one time.  I think its smart to do because blogging is a passion but sometimes time restricts us from posting as often as we'd like so I say keep it real and keep posting!


  6. Brilliant idea! But I change my mind so much that it wouldn't do me any good!

  7. Black will never go out of style!!!


  8. Hey girl I like your black jeans ,nice

  9. Time is definitely constricting me right now. I don't even have the energy to schedule them....that's bad!

  10. Thank You very much. They're basic but effective I guess!

  11. Umm ok sexy...I need those jeans...WETSEAL? ughh...Loving this eoutfit..and your pictures are getting so good !!! My outfit is usually the day before.....pics taken that day and then posted the next day..I say it's perfectly ok..cuz MOST of us have a full time job! haha and my phtogorapher is a friend...so haha I am loving the colored jean trend...just got some neon green ones too!!!

     Thrifters Anonymous Monday Link Up

  12. Love this so much! The patterned top and short vest look great with the distressed black jeans. Thanks for linking up!

  13. Thanks Meagan. Your feature is up too! Not sure if you had the chance to view it yet.


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