Thursday, August 4, 2011

Awkward and Awesome-Text Me On The Cell Phone


-Sweltering heat. This summer is one of the hottest I've experienced. I don't even want to leave my house!

-Can't believe that's all the awkwards I have!


-Fixing my broken iPhone! I'm clumsy so I drop it ALL.THEE.TIME. Literally one week after I purchased it, I dropped it and the screen cracked. My company doesn't offer an insurance plan for the iPhone so I took my happy a$$ to Craigslist and searched 'fix broken iPhone screen'. Surprisingly, there were a couple of locations that popped up in my area. One of the locations happened to be at a cell phone kiosk in the middle of the local mall. They took my phone without a problem, told me to come back in an hour and for 50 bucks I would be all set. OMGeezers! That's awesome. Sure as hell beats paying upward of $400 for a totally new phone. I was all smiles. That is.....until I dropped the dang phone AGAIN, 4 months later. Here's what it looked like.

Broken iPhone Screen
Being the super frugal diva that I am, I was DE-termined not to pay $50 again so I walked around with my phone looking like this for about a good month. Trust the looks that I got were bad and the jokes were even worse. Finally, my coworker suggested that I search on eBay. She said that they sell the same tool kits that the repair guy used....Get this-the kit sells on eBay for roughly $8.....and they charged me $50-they're making a helluva profit! So I searched 'iPhone (insert your model,3Gs,4G) replacement screen' on eBay and found the kit for exactly $7.53 with FREE shipping.
The kit contains 9 pieces:

iPhone Repair Kit
I found a repair tutorial on YouTube and did it myself. Looks just like new!

iPhone AFTER repair (oops, I missed a call)
What do you gals think?
I'm sure I'm not the only one who has this problem. Hopefully this will be helpful to some, if not all of you. I'm all about saving a dollar!

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  1. Totally agree about the heat, ergh. Your phone looks great, you did such a good job!! -Rachel (

  2. I will have to share this with a couple of my co-workers. A bunch of them are walking around with busted up phones. Great tip!!

  3. It was a little confusing to do. I got confused so many times but next time it will be a cinch because I'm certain I will drop it again!

  4. I was so excited when I found out how much I could save by just doing it myself.

  5. Girl yes. Share it. I wish someone would've told me the first time around!

  6. WOW!  That takes skills!  Completely awesome!!

    xo, sam

  7. Just a little confusing but the tutorial made it sooo much easier!



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