Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Prom Queen...She Had It All Figured Out...

Do these look too costum-ey?
(definitely a made up word)

My 'Dorothy' Shoes-Thrifted
(I feel like the back of my heel and my ankle region are ashy-#dontjudgeme)
I found them on one of my thrifting escapades. At first glance I thought that they looked strikingly similar to the prom shoes that were worn in the early 90's-you know the fabric ones that could be dyed to your color of preference.

I thought, 'these will definitely turn some heads and create some controversy' as people quietly ask themselves why the hell I have prom shoes on!!!

Because I'm a Prom Queen, baby!!

Haha. These babies were purchased for all of $4.00 and I paired them with grey slacks and this shirt:

Thrifted Chaps
 I'm in love with stripes and button details so I was more than stoked when I found this beauty for 99 cents! I went to Goodwill today and found the exact same one in a wine color with the tags still on it...I didn't buy it but I did buy a shit ton of other stuff (to be shared in a later post)!

Button detailing
Here's the whole fit:

SIDENOTE: It's fairly simple (as are many of my 'fits) because my work environment isn't conducive to me walking around in 4" stilettos and poom poom skirts! Hopefully the summer will allow me a little more leniency with my wardrobe.

Have you purchased any 'shiny prom shoes' lately?
Do tell...

SIDE SIDENOTE: Hopefully my new camera will be arriving this week...I soooo appreciate you all for sticking with me throughout this horrible photography mess!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Yes..that shirt is sure to become one of my favorites this summer. And with the approval from my blogger friends so will the shoes!!:-)


  2. I never know how to wear metallic shoes even though I find them to be super fun.  I love how you paired them with gray slacks for work.  And I love buttons and stripes too.  Fab outfit!

  3. I definitely do not think those shoes are costume-y at all!  In fact, I have been hunting for a pair of silver shoes in just that style, so you should consider yourself lucky!  ^_~  Thanks for visiting my blog!  I love the attitude you exude in your entries!  

  4. I like everything about this outfit. I don't think the shoes look too costumey at all!

  5. I love that shirt! And I think the shoes give the right amount of dressiness (probably not a word either :) to the outfit as a whole. Very cute altogether.

  6. Thank You. I was so afraid that my coworkers would look at me funny with these shoes on but nope...not one nasty scowl!!


  7. Well thanks lady. Those shoes are so unorthodox that I sometimes wonder about them!



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