Monday, May 2, 2011

One Day All Them Bags Gon' Get In Your Way...

Here we are for yet another Savin' Maven Monday!

I must say that the deals were few and far between this past week. I guess with everyone preparing for Easter, advertisers figured that people wouldn't be buying much outside of Easter baskets and chocolates. My week was pretty much spent purchasing odds and ends, just trying to get rid of the plethora of coupons that are taking up so much space in my purse. It literally looks like I have a carry-on bag with me! My first stop at Target looked like this:

Savin' Maven Monday (Target)
Nothing too big! The Easter goods were on clearance for 50% off so I picked up eggs, baskets, and confetti gift paper. The Dove was on sale for $.99 at CVS but since I didn't feel like driving clear across town to purchase it, I had them do a price match at Target-I used a ($1 off 1) coupon so it ended up being FREE. The Purex and Colgate were regular price but I wanted to use my coupons before they expired so that's the only reason I made that purchase. I spent $5.08 here.

Next was Walmart, which was pretty good to me. I spent $9.84 on the following:
Savin' Maven Monday (Walmart)
The Freshmatic kits were $.98 a piece after I used my coupons annnddd they came with a FREE refill. What a deal because the refills are $4.98 by themselves. I guess they are trying to promote their new scents. Anywho, the air fresheners were all FREE after my ($1 off 1) coupons. All of the candy was on the aisle with the leftover Easter goods and were all 50% off.

 On my second Walmart trip...yes, my second trip (I think that's funny because I always say that I rarely shop there anymore and here I am making two trips there in one week) I spent a whopping

Here's what I got:

Savin' Maven Monday (Walmart #2)

I used a coupon on every item pictured. The only thing that was on special were the Easter cookies which were 50% off. Sweet deal because Toll House is my FAVE!!!

Lastly, I shopped at Food Lion. I got doubles of everything because they were running a killer buy one get one free promotion. I spent a little more than I wanted to on this trip
- $30.02-
 but it was well worth it because I will be eating off of this stuff for weeks.
Savin' Maven Monday (Food Lion)

All in all my total was $144.68
My total out of pocket costs were $51.95
Which means I saved a total of $92.74

What do yall think?
Did you find any good deals this past week with after Easter clearances?

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