Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's A Dangerous Love Affair...

I want this...
Tucker for Target Dress
I've always had a dangerous love affair with prints, so when I saw that tons of the ladies on Katy's 'Spring Trend' post for Friend Friday. I knew that florals would be my new obsession for this season.

Since today is 'BLUE' day in the Color Rotation, I decided to rock this lovely floral:

I scored this for 99 cent on one of my thrifty escapades! And it's Liz Claiborne. Now back in my hey day, I wouldn't have looked twice at a Liz piece but now that I know the true value of fashion, I wouldn't pass up on a piece like this-and the floral print makes it all the more breathtaking!  I loved how the golden flowers contrasted so perfectly with the dark hues. I added a cognac belt and mustard beads to spruce it up a bit and bring out the colors even more.

My slacks have a slight burgundy pinstripe in them that matches perfectly with the burgundy flowers in my shirt.


How do you rock your florals?

And after you've shared with me how you like to rock your florals, go and grab
The Social Network because it's going to be a rainy night (well in Virginia it is). I know, I know this is an old movie but since I only share movies with you once a week, my list is hella backed up!! Anywho, the BF and I were on the fence about this one because we thought, 'well who the hell wants to watch a movie about Facebook'? We were very pleasantly surprised and we had our eyes glued to the screen the entire time.

The Social Network

MY RATING 9.3/10

If you're not into movies, go grab yourself a good book. This week I'm reading book #7 of 52-
Love Thy Sister, Watch Thy Back by Denise Campbell. Sooooo riveting. If you like drama filled novels, this is definitely for you.

Click here to purchase
 Four women who had been friends for as long as they could remember learn that time can heal all wounds or make them fester and bleed. Journey with Sasha, Sandra, Kayla and Charmaine as they discover the power of true friendship while fighting to survive black mail, jealousy, the welfare system, social injustices and bias of one’s sexual orientation.

What's your 'Word on the Street'?
I would love to know about your favorite fashions, movies, books, or events of the week!


  1. Seriously, 99 cents???!!! That's amazing!
    I love your style, love this blog and am glad that I found you on Wandering Wednesday's Blog Hop... Hoping you'll stop by, and follow me back.

  2. Yep, a whopping 99 cents. I've gotten into the habit of only looking for the items with a 99 cent tag on them-with the exception of bags and shoes of course. I've found some really great things too!


  3. Thank You Pamela! Liz is one of my new favorites.


  4. Please run hop and skip to get the movie. You won't be dissappointed. If you search the net long enough you will be sure to find a free code to use at redbox or blockbuster express.


  5. Thank You much!


  6. Love Liz -- handbags and clothing. You wear her well!

    (New GFC)

  7. OMG i love that floral top and how you styled it! i haven't seen the social network yet (i know, i know) but will have to check it out soon!


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