Monday, February 7, 2011

On A Monday, I Am Waiting...

I'm so sluggish on Monday's! I wish that the weekend were 3 days instead of two. Then my weekend would go something like this:

Friday: wind down from a week's worth of work, go to happy hour, hang out with friends

(insert random word)day: chill and lounge around the house all day in PJs, watch movies, maybe clean up a teeny weeny bit

Sunday: get ready for Monday

Unfortunately, doesn't look like things are gonna work in my favor anytime soon. 
Sooo, the Steelers lost! Green Bay won their first Superbowl in 14 years and I could care less because I don't like either one of the teams. Yeah, yeah I'm a Cowboy chic!  Shame on you who are pointing at the computer and laughing at me right now. I said it-I like the COWBOYS! I'm now left to wonder Wiz Khalifa's song 'Black and Yellow' is still relevant!
I'm gonna keep it short today because I need to get caught up on my real work, as in my 'job that pays the bills' work. In today's Weekly Gratitude news, I want to thank a couple of people who visited my blog and left me really nice comments:

1. "So, I love your red shirt and cardigan. I also loved that I LOL at your "awkard" section. "

2. "Love this outfit especially the scarf..too cute, and my word on the street is the Commanding your Morning by:Cindy Trimm Awesome book about the power of what we say and daily affirmations. 2 thumbs up. "
I'm thankful for each of you that stop by each and every day even though my blog is 2 days old (that was sarcastically said, BTW)! I love to visit other blogs and leave cool comments too but alot of your blogs won't allow me to leave comments so I'm not sure how to deal with that. Until then all I can do is window shop. If any of you have suggestions or tips let me know, otherwise, here's my Monday fit.

Cardigan-AE/Blouse-NY & Co/Slacks-NY & Co

I'm not feeling this fit today but oh well, it's Monday and I woke up late. I can't wait to wear my Blazer tomorrow though  for Everyday Everywear's monthly feature. This month the item is the 'classic blazer'. Go here if you want to participate and show everyone how you style yours!  Thanks for reading!


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