Monday, February 7, 2011

I Only Want to see You Bathing in the Purple Rain!

Soooo, I took off for the weekend.  The 30 for 30 seriously had me worn out ALL-Ready!! Not to mention my weekend started off horrendously with a flat tire-I'm getting over a cold so I was trying to blow my nose while driving and.....WHAM right smack into the curb and busted my tire open!  Thank Mom for AAA-I've called those suckers TWICE in the last two months. If I keep going at this rate I might as well purchase some stock in the company.  I had a ton of homework I needed to catch up on and to top it off I had to do some birthday shopping for my mother-that took lots of brainstorming because really, what do you get for a woman who has everything!?  At any rate, one of my other projects for the weekend was to start scrolling throught Kendi's 'Remixer List' to see if I can add some new friends. And when I say scrolling I really mean scrolling-I started with the A's and have clicked my way through every single blog up until I stopped to write this post and I am currently on the E's.  Maybe I will be finished by the end of the challenge, maybe I won't!  While vigorously scrolling and clicking I was disappointed to see that several people haven't even updated their posts in months and suprisingly so, many of the remixers started their blogs specifically for the challenge. And to that I say:
"Damn Kendi, you gots skillz! Hats off to you and all of your flyness!" 

Speaking of flyness, check out mine:

Cardigan-AE/Flower Button Up-Wet Seal/Khakis-NY & Co
(sorry, NO full body shot on this one)
Wait....there's more

I love the detailing in this shirt...see

Sweater-XXI/Shirt-Thrifted/Slacks-NY & Co.
That's all friends, time to get ready for Monday. Thanks for reading!

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