Monday, February 28, 2011

No Bra with the Blouse...It's Soooo Necessary...

I did something silly today! In a rushed effort to have a snugly sleepover with the BF so that we could play footsies and battle our enemies in another late night session of 'Army of Two', I forgot my undergarments!! See, I always wear some type of cami or layering tank under my shirts-no matter the weather. I was gonna wear one that had the built-in bra so I made sure to take it out to put in my overnight bag. So as I'm getting ready this morning, I'm searching and doubling back in my bag, looking for my missing 'built-in bra, camisole thingy' and it's not there. Soooo, I had to go sans bra and cami today and I felt so awkward. (Maybe I should retell this story on Thursday for my A & A segment) All day long I'm foolishly folding and crossing my arms so that people won't notice that my headlights are beaming. Un-freaking-believable!!!

In other news, just wanted to express the fact that I love inexpensive things. I love free things even more. That doesn't mean that I'm cheap or that my taste is bad, it just means that I like to be economically intelligent at all times (I'm sure there is no such phrase, but you know what I mean). Samples, giveaways, and freebies are my best friends. Today I'm joining the 'Mailbox Monday' train so that I can share with you all the great stuff that I found in my mailbox this past week. 

-March 2011 issue of VIBE magazine
-March 2011 issue of Family Circle magazine
-Free 'For Colored Girls' souveniers (attended one of their sponsored events)
-Lacoste 'Joy' fragrance sample
-CoverGirl foundation sample
-Salon Paus Pain Relief Patch sample

 To join in on the fun visit Debra here.

It's also nice to know that great people visit my blog and leave me awesome comments like this:

"I love how you layered a patterned top underneath that purple sweater. Very chic!"

I'm grateful for you! Thanks for reading friends.

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