Sunday, January 30, 2011

VROOM VROOM...Start it up!!

As I sit and graciously ponder over my wardrobe, I think I've finally pulled my items together for Kendi's 30 for 30 Challenge. It going to be sooo tough for me to stick to this because I want to give all of my cute little threads a chance to get noticed. Also I'm afraid that although this challenge was designed for us to make use of what we already own instead of purchasing new things, I highly doubt that this will curb my spending habits! Hell I admit I loovveee shopping; as long as there's a great deal, give me all the cards my hands can hold. Nevertheless I'm stoked to see all of the remixers and the creative mixes that they come up with..this challenge has always managed to get lots of participants so I'm hoping to add some new flyness to my blogroll.

Without further ado, here are my 30 pieces. Keep in mind that the majority of my fits are worn to work so you won't see alot of trendy items (ie-skinny legs, extremely high heeled stilettos, etc) just the classics ladies, just the classics. Just for good measure though, I will post those 'outfits that didn't make it'. Here goes my very first 30 for 30 winter collection.....

And what do you know...after all of this preparation...I'm still missing one item!! Un-freakin'-believable! Ugggghhhhh!!! My camera is dead at this point so I will disclose the item on Tuesday when the challenge begins.  Til next time...toodles and thanks for reading!

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