Monday, January 31, 2011

Ready or Not...Here I Come!

Monday rolled around waaayyy to quickly!  Not ready to go back to work, not ready for school, and needless to say I definitely don't think that I'm totally ready for this here 30 for 30!  Speaking of challenges, I devoted myself to yet another one-The Capsule Wardrobe Challenge.  Now why in the hell did I go and do that?  Because...well....uh...why wouldn't I?  It's pretty much the same concept as the 30 for 30 but with fewer items and even less days to work with.  I challenged myself to pick out 10 items from the 30 item wardrobe that was already chosen, and I have 5 days to remix those babies.  Pretty simple, huh? LOL-we shall see, right!? The challenge begins on February 14 so you have more than enough time to decide whether you would like to participate. If so, you may sign up here  I will give you an update on my 10 items as soon as my camera is in working order again.

Aside from that, my weekend was pretty regular.  Nothing too exciting-I'll save all the excitement for Valentine's Day (wink, wink)!  I do, however, want to show some gratitude for those who have visited my blog and left lovely comments thus far! I thank you kindly!

My fave comments of the week are:
1.  "Your blog title rocks. And Micky D's oatmeal isn't bad. That's from a self-proclaimed oatmeal snob. I hat breakfast. Except oatmeal. And Redbox is the bomb. Except when you get weird looks from people for standing infront of said box and theorizing about how the movies get in there. {???}"
2. "i'm loving your layers and you're the second person i've seen pair green with navy. what a wonderful combo that i wouldn't have thought of! and very cute necklace too."
 3. "I got your link from "the undomestic momma." I def. agree with your mantra! Looking forward to reading more of your posts."
By Mandy on I Got Stripes Around My Shoulders... on 1/25/11

Thanks again for making my day extra fab ladies! Happy Monday!


  1. Is it weird to say... thanks for the gratitude!! Oh well, I went and said it. You're a brave woman taking on those challenges. Good Luck!

  2. Enjoyed reading through your blog, love your realness and sense of humor. Good luck on your 30x30 affair!


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