Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Square Root of 69 is 8 Something...

The more things become awesome, the more awkward they get!!! It's a cloudy Thursday morning and I would much rather be at home suggled up in bed with a good book then to be here at work!  Maybe I could even watch a good movie...speaking of which, check out my 'Word on the Street Wednesday' feature where you can share your thoughts about new movies, good books, music, or even a cool shindig you attended. Since my life is somewhat of a reality show in itself, I've decided to keep a running log of all of my awesome and awkward moments because there are too many for me to remember otherwise.  This week my list is as follows:

-I made an impromtu visit to the mall the other day to pay a couple of bills and I figured I would stop by my one of my favorite stores-NY & Co.  I spent 10 minutes browsing around and noticed two sales associates engaged in a full fledged conversation.  Of course they didn't notice me-I'm just a customer right.  A customer who was willing to spend major money.  So I decided to walk by them, humming loudly as I did so, hoping thay they would detach themselves from their ever so interesting conversation and at least acknowlegde me.  Guess what? They didn't... and guess what else? I happily marched out of the store and went and spent my money elsewhere.  I hate rude people. Like why would  you expect me to spend my hard earned dollars with you if you can't even say hello to me. Awkward!!

-I loves REDBOX! As I was getting a new movie the other day, I noticed some ladies standing behind me waiting.  After finishing I nicely offered my coupon code to her for a free rental.  "Oh, I already used it," she snobbishly barked! Well exxxxccccuuuussseee me, I was just trying to be generous but I guess that didn't work because again people are rude and put themselves on an imaginary pedestal.  Besides that, how do you know that you already used the exact same code that I had? What a wench!

-Grown people that constantly need to borrow money.  They pluck my nerves! McDonalds and WalMart are always hiring. Go find a job loser!

-I really want to participate in Kendi's 30 for 30 Challenge but I'm having a horrible time trying to pick out 30 items to remix.  I think I'm at 26 items at the moment.  Surprisingly, 30 items of clothing is ALOT!

-I have a deep attachment to my old bedroom slippers.  They have holes and everything in them.  Crazy part is, I have a new pair (my mom gets me new ones every Christmas) but I'm just not ready to parts ways with the old heads yet.
-McDonald's serves Oatmeal.  WTH!? Pretty soon you're gonna be able to get whole boxes of cereal in the drive-thru!
DRIVE THRU PERSON: Welcome to McDonalds...order when you're ready.
ME: Um yes, may I have a LARGE box of Special K please.
-I purchased 3 pairs of winter boots for $30! Gotta love winter sales!

-Pandora rocks!!! You can create your own stations so that you can listen to all of your absolute favorite songs! The best part is that it's FREE!

-Blueberry bagels with Strawberry cream cheese! Yum!

-Having a girls day lunch with mom, sister, and grandma! Words can't even describe how awesome that was!

-Beating the Kane and Lynch: Dead Men game with the BF.  Never knew how much fun the Playstation could be. Now I understand how and why guys can pop Madden into the Playstation and play with the fellas for's addictive man! And it makes for great bonding time. Can't wait til he and I can find another game to conquer!

-Big these...

-Slowly but surely cleaning out my closet and I'm selling some items!!! FREE SHIPPING!!! Email me at if  you're interested!

Blue Peep Toe Wedges (worn once)-Size 8-$15

LUXE Ankle Boots (BRAND NEW)-Size 7-$28

VINTAGE Hunt Club Oxford Anklettes (worn 3 times)-Size 8.5-$32

See ya next time gals! Thanks for reading!


  1. Your blog title rocks. And Micky D's oatmeal isn't bad. That's from a self-proclaimed oatmeal snob. I hat breakfast. Except oatmeal. And Redbox is the bomb. Except when you get weird looks from people for standing infront of said box and therorizing about how the movies get in there. {???}

  2. customer service is really hit or miss these days. i feel for you and your NY&Co situation.

    and 3 boots for $30! what an awesome deal!

    cute and little
    enter my giveaway!

  3. You're right - 30 items is a lot. I remember thinking that when I first did the challenge. It was easier to choose this time around (although I may still swap some shoes in).

    I love the shoes you're selling. Shame we're not the same size.


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