Tuesday, April 1, 2014

DIY Lunchables: My Balanced Snack with Alpine Lace® Deli Cheese

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Happy Tuesday you all!

I haven't been the best blogger friend lately. Honestly, I'm still getting adjusted to life as a Mother-yes, even after almost 4 months I'm still struggling with time management. My lil man is my world so literally every waking moment of my life is about him. Never will I feel guilty or apologize for taking the time to be an awesome Mother.

Being an awesome Mother means that I'm constantly on the go-obviously-because I rarely have the time to blog on a consistent basis anymore!! Being an awesome Mother who nurses means that I have to consume extra calories and remain well hydrated and healthy for the sake of the little life that I have been Chosen to care for.

Let's face it, I've never really been a huge health nut and sometimes I feel like slapping myself for having coffee or a soda-even though they're decaf-because I think they're ruining my little angel and somehow influencing him to develop horrible eating habits already. Even though I'm slim and I've already lost more than what I gained when I was carrying my Bubby, my eating habits are not so stellar! My sweet tooth is absolutely ridiculous and I consume wayyy more cheese than the doctor ordered.

Somehow, I would like to believe that cheese, and any dairy product for that matter, provides me with the fuel that I need to get through life.

 But mainly cheese. 

Seriously, I've been on a cheese kick for a while now. Each week, trying a different type. So far, I've experimented with Swiss, Muenster, and Gouda cheeses-respectively ordered according to my favorites.

I particularly love the Alpine Lace® Deli Cheese.  And the fact that I can make healthy snacks with it. Snacks  like these DIY Lunchables that are perfect for a busy Mom such as myself. 

Most varieties of Alpine Lace® Deli Cheese are reduced fat, perfect for snacking on the go or adding delicious flavor to your favorite sandwich or snack cracker. Its great taste comes from high-quality ingredients, and it provides a good source of protein and calcium.  

Alpine Lace® Deli Cheese helps fuel your busy day, providing you the energy and deliciousness to prepare you for your next adventure. 

I love that these delicious snacks give me and my lil man just what we need to stay energized.

They're the perfect Life Ingredients!!

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And again, thanks for reading and sticking in here with me!

Until next time!

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