Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Favorites: Vol #33

Happy Friday my loves!!!!

I am sooo excited that it's the end of the week! Cheers to the freaking weekend already. I started back to work a couple of weeks ago so my days are dragging something serious. It's always a pleasure when the weekend rolls around. As I mentioned in this post, I'm super excited about THIS weekend in particular because I will be attending my very first blogger event. My goal is to actually attend one of the big conferences within the next year so we shall see how well that goes. 

I also love Fridays on the blog because once a month I share with you some of my favorite things that took place within the month. Lots of deals, savings, and all around good ish!!

Let's begin with Target's latest clearance sale which happened a few weekends ago. For two days, all of their summer clearance was an additional 20% off. I went absolutely nuts when I saw this because for one, I've never seen them have a sale like this; two, I had been eyeing tons of cute summer pieces waiting for them to be reduced; and three, Target is my all time favorite store in the whole wide world so it was only right that I partake in the madness. Speaking of madness, I recently collaborated with Target for a super sweet post about their wedding registry. See what all the fuss is about here.

FREE gift cards that I won through a sweepstakes on Crowdtap. Crowdtap is a brand developing program that offers you a chance to sound off about your favorite brands and products through random surveys and various opportunities to share new brands through social media. They also offer sample shares every once in a while. A while ago, I was chosen to receive a sample share opportunity from Old Navy where my bestie and I both got to try their new denim for FREE.  

PS: has a crazy sale going on this weekend...$4 for $25 worth of restaurant certificates. Um yes, I'll take them!

September magazine subscriptions. All or most of these were FREE!!! I usually share the deals that I get on my Facebook page so be sure to 'like' the page by clicking here.

This week's library find. Such a great book with awesome shopping tips.

Recent thrift store finds. I love finding critically acclaimed self help books while thrifting. Great titles for only a small fraction of the cost!

I recently got myself back into couponing and I've been saving a ton since. It's very time consuming but so well worth it. This trip to Harris Teeter cost me $43.xx but then I received a promotion from Quilted Northern that gave me back $15 just for purchasing their brand and filling out a short survey for them. That took my total down to $27.xx for this shopping trip.

I love stocking up on paper products and a couple of weeks ago CVS was having a great special. I believe I spent $28.xx on this trip and got back $16 bringing my total down to $12.xx for this haul. I LOVE CVS...their prices may seem a little expensive but they always, always, always offer great coupons and money rewards back on featured products.

Now...on to the cute baby stuff.

My lil Peanut's very first pair of Timberland boots. Found at the thrift for $5!!! They're in such great condition too. Since he will be born in December, he can wear them immediately to keep his little toes warm during the winter months. 

So my local library has a 'FREE Magazine' box. I like to go there often just to see what they have in the box. And all of the magazines that I showed you previously, from my own personal stash, get donated into this box once I'm done reading and ripping out my inspiration pages from them. Recently I lucked up on a whole slew of old Parents magazines. I'm sure these have some inspiration gems hidden in them.

Another great find from the thrift. I saw this same book in Target for $20 last week and I got it for $1. I don't do full price.

My absolutely FREE pamper purchase from This deal was too sweet to pass up on. They always offer great deals on diapers when you sign up for the Amazon Mom program. Like my FB Page for more in depth breakdowns of deals like this. 

Just in case you are a new visitor, the honey and I are having a BOY this December. We are completely overjoyed.  Read more about our gender reveal here.

What a way to end a post!!!

What were some of your favorite things this week/month?

I can't wait to hear from you.

Until next time. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Shopping for the Perfect Wedding Gift...

**This post is sponsored by Target but all opinions and views are my own.** 
Weddings are very sentimental and emotional moments for all involved in the process. Having only witnessed very few ceremonies myself, I'm still torn as to whether my favorite part of the nuptials is watching the groom kiss his bride, seeing their first dance, or partaking in the reception portion where the couples tear into the gifted items that they will forever share as husband and wife.

Granted, people should be appreciative for the gifts that they receive but realistically speaking, what if the couple is dissatisfied with what they've been given? Target's Wedding Registry will ensure that each couple receives just what they want and need on their special day. The Wedding Registry offered at Target gives a great variety of distinct, one of a kind gifts that will make any couples wedding day one to remember. The best part about Target's Wedding Registry is that you can shop for your favorite couple from the convenience of your own home by visiting  the Target Wedding Catalog. Now how awesome is that!!??
Target's Wedding theme of 'Be Yourself, Together' is one that is unique to each individual couple and/or relationship. This theme celebrates the individuality of two totally opposite people by providing two very different products that, when gifted together, add up to exude the essence of a very special relationship. 
My honey and I are complete polar opposites when it comes to getting our hands dirty in the kitchen. I love to cook and bake while he has no idea what a spice rack is. On the contrary, I couldn't work a grill if I tried but he enjoys it. Therefore, the perfect #TargetWedding gifts for a couple like us would include the 
Calphalon Cookware Set along with the Chefmate Grilling Set

Something for me and something for him. What a perfect wedding gift!

Feel free to see some other great gift combinations by following along on your social media sites using the  #TargetWedding tag.

How do you go about picking out wedding gifts? Do you purchase one gift for both parties or will you be adhering to Target's 'Be Yourself, Together' theme from here on out?

I can't wait to hear from you!!!

Thanks so much for visiting?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Celebrating Life...

**This article is sponsored by Deer Park® Brand Nature's Blends™ Fruit Flavored Beverages but all opinions and views are my own.**

Hello my loves!

I hope each one of you are off to a great start today.

I'm extremely excited that we are halfway through the work week. I'm also extremely excited that we have our 6 month prenatal appointment today in order to check up on our little Peanut. Annndddd I'm additionally excited that I will be attending my very first bloggers event this weekend-not to mention that I have all of my blog posts planned for the remainder of the month. For us as bloggers, that's HUGE!!! It's amazing the power of an editorial calendar and proper planning.

Needless to say my excitement level has been pretty over the top these last couple of days. I began my fall classes on Monday and my professor was discussing joy and how we should cherish life and celebrate each day happily, regardless of our circumstances. She hit the nail right on the head with that one. I've been attempting to adapt to that theory personally and it's been working out wonderfully. I've found that when you surround yourself with positivity, life is much more enjoyable.
 Thus, I've always loved this famous quote by Maya Angelou:

My life is very far from perfect but I'm happy with what I do have. Often things get difficult but I choose to press on and not complain. I choose instead to celebrate life and love with family and friends. Oftentimes, life moves so fast that you lose contact with those who matter the most. However, when you do reconnect, things pick right back up where they left off.  This weekend I reunited with a couple of girlfriends to celebrate friendship, life, and a little bit of Latin music at a local festival.

  We learned salsa, ate some great food, and found out about more awesome events that we can attend together.

This celebration of friendship came at the perfect time as I have recently teamed up with Deer Park ® Nature’s Blends™ to launch their 'Celebrate Life Naturally' campaign.

 Deer Park ® Nature’s Blends™ Spring Water & Real Juice is  a unique combination of 5% juice, natural fruit flavors and a touch of pure cane sugar. 

Nature's Blends
With four different varieties to choose from it’s naturally a great choice when you’re looking for flavour indulgence.

If you're the type of person who enjoys celebrating life, you can join in on the fun as well by heading over to the Deer Park ® Nature’s Blends™ Facebook page every Friday to share the many beautiful ways that you celebrate life naturally. So head on over this Friday to share your story-you never know who you may inspire or motivate-testimonies are POWERFUL!!!
Thank You so much for reading.
I look forward to hearing your stories.
Until next time...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How To Wear: Maxis

Happy Tuesday my loves.

I hope everyone had a super weekend. Mine was spent doing lots of couponing in attempt to build up a stockpile of things so that I will be better prepared for the arrival of my little one. I also teamed up with another sponsor and spent some time with my girlfriends at a local event that I will share with you tomorrow so stay tuned.

Today though, I would love to share with you a trend that has become one of my best friends since my baby bump is finally beginning to grow. Maxis are the epitome of the phrase 'effortlessy chic'. They are super comfy, easy to style, and totally feminine.

I love that you can wear them casually with a great pair of flat sandals and chambray, you can go for a sexy look and pair a skin tight midi maxi with bright colors, or you can prepare your maxi for the fall by layering a light moto jacket over some plaid for more of a trendy look.
How To Wear: MaxisHow To Wear: Maxis by sherockwell featuring leather shoes

French Connection maxi dress / Long sleeve shirt / Object Collectors Item zip jacket, $66 / Ruched maxi skirt, $47/ Alice + Olivia cork wedge heel sandals, $165 / ASOS leather shoes / Zara mustard yellow pumps / ALDO flower print purse / Chunky necklace / Old Navy Girls Polka Dot Chambray Shirts - Dots

 As I mentioned before, maxis-or anything with elastic, stretch, and/or an expandable waistband-have become like my second home since my lil Peanut has been growing bigger in size lately. I live and die by the stretch!!!

I love that I was able to throw a belted chambray top over this striped maxi for a cool, yet very casual look.

The belted top really highlighted my growing, 23 week belly too. And being that he is so active in here and obviously getting bigger by the second, I'm all about comfort and functionality these days.

I found this dress last year on the clearance rack at TJ Maxx and fell instantly in love with it. 

I was beginning to think that I would never find the perfect maxi...

You know, the one that fits all your curves just perfectly and whose length is just long enough to not graze the ground as you walk, yet still show off your cute shoes.

Maxi-TJ Maxx | Chambray-AE | Sandals-Old Navy | Purse-NY & Co
Yep...this is the one!!! 

A great $7 investment.

I'm interested to know what features you look for when searching for the 'perfect maxi'...

Is it design, shape, pattern, etc.?

I can't wait to hear from you. 

Thanks for reading.

PS...Since I purchased this dress from the tried and true TJ Maxx, I felt it would only be right for me to enter their #Maxxinista contest for a chance to win a gift card to shop with. Please go here to vote for my look. 

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

All Natural Style Secrets

Happy Wednesday my loves.

I hope each of you are off to a great start on this gorgeous hump day.

I'm not too excited about having to return to work tomorrow after a two month break but hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Right?

I am, however, excited to be participating in a style challenge sponsored by the
Lucky Magazine Community.  They have partnered with Seventh Generation in order to present an #AllNaturalStyleSecrets Challenge. As a participant I received a free sample of this product from Lucky and Seventh Generation for use in connection with my blog.

Soothing Boost
In addition, I was asked to show off one of my chicest yet seemingly effortless looks. Starting with Seventh Generation’s skin serum as the foundation I've created a head-to-toe look.

With the stresses of everyday life, it is highly important to maintain a regular skin care regimen in order to keep your skin looking fresh and vibrant. It seems the older I get, the more sensitive my skin gets. If fact, I never had any type of problems with my skin (ie-acne) until wayyy after my college years. So when I  initially began to break out uncontrollably, I enlisted the help of a dermatologist who recommended to me a very inexpensive yet efficient remedy. 

I use the following products twice daily in order to keep my combination type skin from breaking out and getting out of control. 

Daily Skin Care Routine...
Daily Skin Care Routine... by sherockwell featuring an oil free face wash

I alternate days with the Clean & Clear products so as not to exfoiliate too much.

All Natural Style Secret #1:  Rubbing alcohol doubles as a skin toner as well as a great makeup remover.

The Mederma is used to clear up any dark spots, while the CeraVe seals and moisturizes my skin. Recently, I added the Seventh Generation Soothing Boost Serum in order to add balance to any of my skin tone irregularities. This concentrated formula contains a soothing blend of Oat, Argan and Zi Cao and it smells AH-MAY-ZING. It's very absorbent, not heavy or oily so it won't clog my pores and it leaves my skin feeling like a baby's bottom.

Great skin care routines wouldn't be complete without great style to go along.

When I'm feeling confident about the skin I'm in I like to style myself in classically edgy looks such as this one.

Necklace/Clutch/Dress-NY&Co | Sandals-Target
There's nothing more attractive than a confident woman with beautiful skin!


All Natural Style Secret #2: Love the skin you're in by taking good care of it.

What are some of your favorite #AllNaturalStyleSecrets?
I can't wait to hear from you!
PS: Don't forget to vote for this post here.
Thanks for reading.
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