Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Kind Of Holiday: Black Friday Shopping

***This post is sponsored by Target but all opinions and views are my own***

One of my most favorite parts about the holidays is the shopping that goes along with it. I love gifting and I love giving.

This year's Black Friday was incredibly different because most stores actually opened up on Thursday, which was a complete bummer because those of us who are serious about our Black Friday shopping more than likely left our families early to be able to make it to our store of choice before the lines got too out of hand. 

I had my game plan figured out way in advance. I've been a loyal Target Black Friday shopper for the past 3 years now, this year being no different. 

I had my mind set on a brand new TV, which by visiting their Black Friday ad, I saw they were having a great doorbuster deal on. I even went so far as to map out my exact route once in the store so that I could be in and out and on to my next deal within a decent time frame.

Target Black Friday 2013 Ad Page 1

The store wasn't scheduled to open until 8PM on Thursday evening so I figured if I got in line by 5PM I would be fine. Seeing how Thanksgiving dinner began at 3PM, I couldn't fathom leaving my family any earlier than that. 

Being that I am in my 9th month of pregnancy, I made sure to take a lawn chair, blanket, and earmuffs that were able to hook up to my phone so that I could listen to my favorite music and be semi-comfortable while waiting in line. 

When I initially arrived in the parking lot I saw that there weren't many cars nor were there many people standing in line. Awesome!!! I'm gonna be able to get in and out of the store in no time-TV in tow!!!


About 30 minutes after waiting in the line, an associate came through to notify us that they had handed out all of the tickets for the TVs and that we should no longer waste our time in line because all 24 of them had been accounted for. 

Though I think it was very nice of her to notify us so that we wouldn't stand helplessly in line for hours, I'm very disappointed in Target for not having more of this advertised doorbuster in stock. I mean at least 50 would have been a more reasonable number. So now, not only am I frustrated with the fact that I lost out on valuable family time, I have to get my pregnant self up and search for another TV deal because unlike Walmart, Target did not offer an 'in stock guarantee'.

This Black Friday was a total bust for me-totally NOT #MyKindofHoliday.

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