Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Trendy Tuesday: Flower Power

Hello and happy Tuesday my loves...

I hope everyone had a very great and relaxing weekend.

I didn't do anything too, too special.  I received some new things for my shop, Miss Rockwells Racks, I spent some time with my goddaughter, and had some much needed 'honey time'.

I was intending to do a Savin' Maven Monday post yesterday but life got the best of me so I'm here today with a new edition of Trendy Tuesday.

Florals have resurfaced on the trend scene this year and I'm feeling all sorts of happy about them.  They're so feminine and chic. Prabal Garung hit the nail on the head with the line that was released at Target earlier this year-it's all about pretty florals and lots of color.
Flower Power...
Flower Power... by sherockwell featuring monki
Preen jersey dress / Prabal Gurung embellished top / Zara floral jacket / Flared skirt / Monki , $20 / H&M cotton pants, $23 / Monki floral bikini, $13 / Timeless floral heels, $58 / Floral handbag, $45 / Lori's Shoes resin jewelry / Oasis hair accessory, $12
I'm really looking forward to rocking some floral pieces for the Spring and Summer seasons. They make me feel so.....FRESH!!!
Which floral piece in your closet are you looking most forward to styling this season?
I can't wait to hear from you.
Thanks so much for reading.


  1. I saw that Prabal Gurung Floral top on sale this week at Target for $8! OMG that jersey dress & those heels!

    1. Yes girl! I got the shirt but THAT DRESS! OMG!!!

  2. Flowers have been my everything for the past few months. I LOVE them!!! Great pics!


    1. Flowers are so pretty and girly! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I've always been in love with floral prints & flora in general.. so much so that I have a floral sleeve lmao. Nonetheless, I've been eyeing that Zara floral jacket for a while.. it's finally time to just buy it! AND that skirt.. AND bathing suit lmao.



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