Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Belted Denim Jacket...

Hello my loves and thankfully it's Thursday!

Since the last time I posted our world has done some major things-we all got out and voted and now our President has one more chance at making our country a better America.

A couple of months back one of my wonderful readers saw an old post of mine (clearly one that I thought nobody was interested in) and she emailed me asking me to recreate the look using
a belted denim jacket as the key piece. I came up with this 'fit. The actual post was one of my most popular ones to date and it was even the first of my posts to make it onto Lucky Magazine's website. 

Well, recently my reader emailed again asking that I recreate the same look, for the fall season. I quickly obliged and this is what I came up with...

I wore this 'fit to a FREE music concert that was going on in my area in support of the Obama campaign.

The FREE music just happened to be Mister Stevie Wonder himself!!!

I mean really-who in their right mind would miss a  FREE Stevie Wonder concert!?

I sure wasn't!

I knew that I would be standing outside for a while awaiting the doors to open so I wanted to layer as much as possible so as to stay warm and still look stylish.

I literally had on 4 layers on the top and 2 on the bottom. I was still very cold but every time I thought about why I was actually standing in the line, it all became worth it. 

And in my true 'thrifty and shameless' fashion, I was able to stay fairly warm at a cost that's incomparable!

Let's see...

*Olive turtleneck-$1.41 with an additional 40% off from Old Navy
*Plaid/Flannel button up-American Eagle thrifted for $.99
*Denim jacket-Aeropostle thrifted for $.99
*Leopard belt-thrifted for $.99

*Puffer vest-$10 from Old Navy
*Olive pants-$7.99 with an additional 50% off from Old Navy

And these booties-which are actually some of my favorites this season-were purchased a couple of years ago during an end of season clearance sale for....

7 bucks!!!

They were originally $35 but $7 was so much better for my wallet! Be prepared to see these alot this fall!

Soooo... thanks to my faithful reader, Ina, I have created another amazingly inexpensive and stylish look.

If you're reading Ina, I would really love for you to continue sending me looks-I enjoy playing with your ideas. I'm also convinced that you should consider becoming a stylist because you obviously have a keen eye for all things fly!

Who do you all go to for styling advice? 

I can't wait to hear from you!

Oh, and please excuse the graininess of the photos. A new camera is definitely on my 'Black Friday' list so please be patient with me. I soooo appreciate it!

Thanks for reading dolls.
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  1. Gimme them booties! No you didn't pay $7 for those bad boys. I love them! I get my styling advice from all over the place chile!

  2. Patriotic chic...fab look! Love the booties chica!

  3. Cute concert outfit!

    I attended a free Stevie Wonder concert at the Taste of Chicago a few years ago. It was one of the best experiences EVER. He performed for 3 hours straight! I hope your experience was as good as mine.

  4. Does your heart just flutter with joy every time you get a 50% off an already discounted item? Cause mine does!!! :) I love how enthusiastic you were about all your savings, cause I would be too girl!

    With Love,

  5. Loving that red vest and those boots! I love your blog banner, too, so funny and awesome!

    Vanessa, 7Jaded


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