Monday, August 6, 2012

Savin' Maven Monday: A Guide to Inexpensive Date Ideas

When in a relationship, especially a long term one, it's important to keep the fire burning on all levels. Make things new and exciting. Do things that you've never done before. Have sex often (hey, I'm just being real-hope that doesn't offend anyone). Make sure to schedule some 'me' time. The biggest flame burner for me though is to make sure to continue to date throughout your relationship. This aspect often tends to be overlooked and taken for granted because it's sooo simple and to some, even a little minuscule. But remember, with us women it's more often than not, that the small things make the biggest difference. Some people skip over dating because they think it costs lots of money and coming from the most super frugalicious person I know (me, of course), that is far from the truth. Dating requires very little and sometimes no money at all. As long as you have two willing participants, things can go fairly smoothly. My babe and I both work with very...should I say modest incomes so when the need arises for an impromptu date night, we go at it very tactfully. These dates, I will admit, yield the best of times on the least of funds.

MOVIE MARATHON-Sign up for Redbox text alerts (by texting REDBOX to 727272) and receive free rentals each month. Get snacks and popcorn from the Dollar store, cozy up with your boo under a warm blankie, and make it a 'Redbox Night'! Take it a step further by becoming Siskel and Ebert; give each movie your very own rating according to how good/bad it was to you.

PICNIC IN THE PARK-Use the resources that you already have in your kitchen to make your favorite slider sandwiches, cut some fresh fruit, and brew your favorite blend of tea, kool-aid, or punch. Don't forget to pack all needed condiments. These items are quick to make and can all be found at Wal-Mart. Grab your favorite blankie and hit your favorite local park or campground.

VIDEO GAME CHALLENGE-Trade in your old, no longer used video games for new or gently used ones. Set aside a designated amount of time each week and see how many games you and the guy can beat within a given period of time. Keep in mind that he will probably lean more towards the strategic, heavy artillery fighting or shooting games so prepare yourself. The dude and I began with Resident Evil V- it's a great beginner series.

ROAD TRIP-Pack your bags for the weekend and hit the road. This doesn't require loads of money, but it does require great planning skills. Pick your favorite destination and go extremely nuts-I would suggest major tourist areas such as Washington, DC or Los Angeles, CA as there are plenty of sites that you can visit for free. In DC, there's the White House and the Holocaust Memorial while in L.A. there are a ton of TV show tapings that you can attend totally free of charge. Priceline allows you to pick your own price for hotel rooms-that means 4-5STAR hotel rooms for little or nothing. Your hotel of choice will likely offer coupons and discounts for local eateries and restaurants so take full advantage. Agree to split your gas bill in half and you're all set to go.

CONCERTS-Instead of paying full price for concert tickets, try purchasing lawn seats if they are available. Not only will it be at least $30-$40 cheaper, it's soooo much more romantic. You can cozy up with your guy and you won't be limited to sitting in your seat. Hell, if you're not in the front row, you won't be able to see much anyway so why not give it a try. Take it a step further and pack your picnic basket. This one is my favorite date ideas, however the only disadvantage is that lawn seats are obviously only offered when it's warm out. 

DAILY DEAL SITES-Make sure to sign up for sites like Groupon and Living Social. The last couple of dates that the dude and I have been on have been purchased from those sites. The savings are tremendous!!

There you have it, my 'dates on a budget'. Hope you all enjoyed. 

What types of inexpensive dates do you and your significant other partake in?
I can't wait to hear your ideas!!!

Thanks for reading.


  1. That's what I'm talkin' bout! lol! I am a redbox girl all day so I need to text them for these free rentals. These are great ideas.

  2. GREAT ideas! We're always aiming to keep that spark alive with simple but fun ways to spend time together. I really like the game challenge ideas!

  3. My husband would love it if we did a video game date! haha Great suggestions.

  4. We love Groupon and Living Social deals!!!!! Anddd we looove Redbox! Now if I could only convince him to do the picnic thing!

  5. Great tips! Need to look into that Redbox offer!

  6. I love a good date night! My favorite is the ROAD TRIP! I used to go online the night before and bid for a $50 room on priceline and would usually get it. You can have a pretty decent weekend on less than $200 <--- considerably less too.

    Great post!


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