Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Favorites...Vol #18

TGIF my loves!

The weekend is finally here and I can't wait!

Some great plans in store-today I'm furniture shopping with my mom; the dude says that he wants to do something 'special' this weekend and I have no earthly idea what it could be-he's not a romantic by a long shot so I'm almost afraid to know what his version of 'special' entails. And as of Sunday, I will officially be a Godmother to this little lady...

Here are more of my favorites from the past couple of weeks...

Finally purging my closet and getting some things together to sell on my eBay site. I'm so ready to get rid of this crap-my house will definitely thank me!

My dudes shoes-I LOOOOVVVEEE when he wears these! I'm not sure what it is about them-maybe it's because they're my favorite color but I die when I see him in these. Does your dude have a pair of shoes that make you feel similar?

New specs from I figured that if I have to wear glasses, they at least need to be cute. And they were really inexpensive-you know me-I don't spend a huge amount of money on material things. They cost about $15-prescription included. Lots of people wear 'faux' ones as a fashion statement these days but I actually need these babies-I'm blind as a bat!

Fresh strawberries-just cut and add sugar and they will produce their own juice. 

A yummy triple chocolate brownie dessert from Red Lobster. Chocolate really is a girls best friend!

This little one that I mentioned earlier. My goddaughter-I love her tiny soul!

Black and grey leopard-ummm yes!!!

Now reading: Aftermath by Tracy Brown. I should totally be finished with this book by now but I keep getting distracted with blogger duties-go figure!

My mag swag-once again it's out of control. I'm in desperate need of someone to help me read them. Please and thanks!!

Well my loves, that's it for this week.

What were some of your favorite things from this week?
Do share...

And once again, thanks for reading!!


  1. I'm trying to purge from my closet lately too - the switching of seasons (almost, anyway) always seems like a good time to do it! Love your huge pile of stuff to get rid of, I'm inspired! :) And I love those glasses, the neutral ombre is so cool!

  2. Whenever my guy wears his Jordan Retro 4's I melt! Maybe cause I got them for his birthday, but nonetheless I swoon.

  3. I'm donating some items from my closet this week to a group home I volunteer at. Im ginna miss my things but it's time:) Tastefully SoSo

  4. Ebay? I like the first pair of shoes! What size are those? Mama has a bday coming up!


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